Merry Christmas To ALL

We have enjoyed our Christmas so much this year.  Not filled with tons of crazy days.  We’ve enjoyed our family and our festivities will end tomorrow.  I think this has been the best Christmas I’ve ever had. 

I’m just so grateful for every little thing in our lives.  


Christmas Banner

Thank you family and friends for sharing Christmas with us!


Unfailing Love Lampwork Bracelet

Unfailing Love Page

I have a bracelet for you that has those lovely plum and purple colors in it.  Such rich and warm colors.  I just chose some of the beads and showed you a close-up of them so you could see some of the details.
Unfailing LoveJ1
Grab it while you can.  I only have one!


Open House…..yeah….well…..

You know how some times “something” has to give?  Well this year the something was my Open House.  I had made pieces and didn’t edit them and put them on the website because I honestly spent my time working on custom pieces for Christmas for my customers.  My custom pieces take priority over Open House as I’m sure you can  understand.  My apologies.  I put three pieces up that I had made and can ship them on 12/20/10 if anyone is interested in purchasing a bracelet for Christmas.  It will arrive on the 22nd or 23rd. 



I have another one I’m still working on editing.  The colors are plum colors. 

We’ve been visiting with family this weekend and have eaten so much food and hopefully burned off the calories consumed by swimming in the swimming pool, but I doubt it.  Oh well.  Enjoy life!  We’ve laughed and had a fabulous time just being together. 


Winds of Change

I feel it.  The winds of change are blowing and I’m ready to start changing things again.  I’m starting with little things.  To you it may seem little (well it IS), but I just wish I had thought of this sooner.  I’ve had “toddler” bowls and cups for a long time now and I’m retiring them for MANY reasons.  Mostly I’m tired of the color fights in the morning.  They fight over who gets which color for a bowl or cup.  DONE!  DONE!  DONE! 


I went to a store to find cheaper bowls and brought these cream colored ones home.  Ran them through the dishwasher and found they are Ikea bowls under the tag.  That was a surprise!  Now we don’t fight over bowls and I have a big glass for the big girl, and a little glass for the little girl so they know which one is theirs.  AHHHHHH……peace.

Next I’m going to tackle my website and blog and things related to my business.  I’ll tackle that at the beginning of the new year though.  I don’t have the time now but I feel the wind blowing.  It could also be the wind from outside.  It is 28 degrees outside right now and snowing.  No, it is just me getting ready for changes.  oh joy!

The Open House or whatever I’m going to name it will be up this week.  Working on it!

Doesn’t anyone have names to submit?  Sparkle Sale?  Cyber Christmas?  Shop till you drop?  Throw them out there gals.


Enjoy the ride, eh?

So, I’ve been busy and so have all of you.  What else is new, right?  Right.  I just thought I’d share with you what I thought was humorous tonight.  I tucked the children into bed and came down to work on my orders and this…Workspace

is the sight I came upon when I walked into the room!

Now who could have possibly done this?  Not me???  NO WAY!  I leave things nice and tidy and ready for me to work when I return.  Can I tell you that this just made me chuckle.  Really?  Now I have to clean up before I can work.


There is even a little Christmas berry on my desk that I have no idea how it got there.  Hmmmmm?????

Apparently my workspace isn’t the ONLY thing that looks crazy like it needs some attention.  My daughter gave me this picture she drew today and told me this is me! Great!  I think she meant it as a compliment. : )

Even a 5 year old knows when I look a mess.  giggle.  What am I holding?  An ice cream cone?  I run around with those ALL of the time.  ha!  Isn’t it precious though?


What am I doing though, really.  I’m busy working on custom orders  and the open house is um….well…happening eventually ladies.  My ducks aren’t in a row this year.  As a matter of fact, there is not even a duck in sight!!!  Darn ducks!


Fluffing Things Around My Home

I have been repurposing, repainting, and reinventing for months.  Here are just a few of the pictures of things I have done with paper, paint, glitter, and stuff around the house.  If it doesn’t move, it has a good chance of being modified in some way.  Don’t laugh.  I’m serious!  Just ask my husband.  He moves just so I won’t paint HIM.  I’m in a sewing phase now.  Yeah…dangerous.


What is in this collage?  Well, let me tell you. 

A repurposed book that I tore apart to make a wreath for my wall. 

A pillow I painted with black fabric paint to go on the bench I painted black. {sense a color theme here?}

A design that I put silver glitter on and put in a frame.  It is so MUCH prettier in person.  {You can’t see it sparkle}.

A fabric wreath I made for my front door that hung on a black canvas.

I repurposed book pages on my (home-made) tissue box cove.  I also covered styrofoam balls with ribbon, string and book pages. 

I’m onto making Christmas stuff now.  I find glitter EVERYWHERE!  I guess that is the price I pay for beauty around the house.  giggle



Can I just tell you that I can’t believe it has been THAT long since I posted!!!  NO WAY! oops.  Sorry.   Time has been flying.  I hear it flapping around my ears this very moment.  Surely you are experiencing it too! 

Well, I guess I should follow up with the post that should have followed many, many weeks ago with pictures of the “Life Is A Circus” Bracelet.  My friend came over and she rummaged through my beads and pulled these out for me to put together for her.  She grinned when she put it on.  How fun it was to watch a customer (and friend) make her own design before my eyes.  Here it is.

Life Is A Circus1


Life Is A Circus2

Ok, so on to news in my family.  Well, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving here and didn’t travel so it made it a relaxing and great time for our family.  The tree still isn’t up but that is coming tomorrow night if all goes as planned.  HA!  Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving?

I’ve been crafting and creating here and there.  I’ll put together a collage now and post it tomorrow.  Deal?  Deal.

Now, on to business news. 


I’m going to do the Open House again this year!  It is a comin’.  Just hang in there for those of you who have been asking.

Do you think we should give it another name?

    Let me hear from ya’ll and let me know if another name would be appropriate because it isn’t like you all are strolling through my home (which I’m thinking of doing next year). 

So pipe up and let me hear from you!!!  Bring out the names.


“Freedom” Friday

How are you all doing?  We are doing well here {thank God} and I’m now comfortable with the school routine in the morning.  I should have it down by now, right?  It has been a FEW weeks!!!  Uh…4 weeks.

I’ve been doing crafts here and there, when I snag a few moments, so I’ll take some pictures soon and share them with you.  Easy, fast, simple crafts but they have helped me get my creativity flowing. 


Freedom Lampwork Bracelet

This bracelet is a piece that can be added to your wardrobe to make the perfect “pop” on your wrist.  It’s simple, it’s cute, it’s turquoise colors.  You know you all LOVVVVE  turquoise!

Have a great weekend and I’ll be back soon with craft pictures.


Two shades of pink

I was happily picking flowers one day to bring into my home when I saw this little lovely flower.  My roses are either light pink or dark pink but this little one ended up being both.  Isn’t it cute?


I have a new bracelet that I will put up later and a picture of a bracelet I made over the weekend while my friend was here visiting from out of town.  I let her rummage through my “wonky beads” {those are beads that I think have a flaw} box and she came up with “Life is a Circus” and I’ll share it later after I edit the photos.

Happy Thursday!


WINNER for Cap Creations Giveaway

Thank you all for participating, commenting, and

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I am thrilled to welcome each new follower to my blog!!


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Thanks to Cap Creations for participating in this with me.  She is awesome!


Cap Creations Giveaway

I have made many wonderful friends through the internet and I want to introduce you to one of them today.

Cap Creations



Cap Creations sells hand stamped, sterling silver jewelry that is designed to be personal.  I love it that you can customize the pieces.  Isn’t that what makes jewelry so unique and near to our hearts?   You will enjoy seeing the items in the shop, I just know it!

image Look at this family necklace, “My Heart is on the Line” above, isn’t it great?
image Look at this “Chosen” (adoption necklace) that is offered and can be personalized!!!  You have got to read about his necklace and how a portion of your purchase can be used bless other families.  What about wearing it to signify your relationship with Jesus Christ? 

There are also beautiful rings and bracelets that can also be monogrammed to make that unique piece.  The jewelry is beautiful and you will enjoy seeing the designs.  Would I steer you wrong?  No!

We have teamed up and are offering you the chance to get some beautiful new custom jewelry.  I am thrilled to tell you that Cap Creations is giving away a $40.00 gift certificate!  Isn’t that awesome?  I’m excited for you!

To enter go toCap Creations and enjoy looking then come back to this post and let us know which piece of jewelry you’d be happy to have (or give). 

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Open to US residents through Monday, Sept. 27. Winner will have 72 hrs to respond and claim their prize. Make sure we have a way to contact you if you should win.



I took Mia school shopping tonight and I have to tell you it was funny.  Well at least it was to ME.  Mind you, she is heading off to kindergarten and the child needs shoes.  My intention was to go find a pair of shoes or two and some clothes if we had the time.  HA!  Mia had a gift card from JC Penny so we went there first to find something for her to spend her money on and we NEVER made it out of the store.   Can I just tell you that the girl spent it on two lip glosses?  Really?  TWO?  LipglossLipgloss

I couldn’t convince her to purchase clothes, shoes, accessories or anything.  Lip gloss.  ugh!  (My mama didn’t rear me that way)  That wasn’t the funny part.  Nu uh.

We went to another department to look at clothes for Mia and all of the sudden I felt overwhelmed.  Glitter, rhinestones, peace signs, crazy colors, lots of lace, etc.  Clothes were everywhere and they all looked like clothes she shouldn’t be wearing at this age..to me.  Apparently I freaked out a teeny, tiny bit because my daughter said, “Just settle down Mama.  We can come back here later.  Just relax.” 
Really?  Did I just hear that? 
You should have seen the hand motions that went with it.  Cracked me up.  Needless to say, I’ll be shopping another night. 
I gave up and left (with two lip glosses).  Her little lips were slathered with that stuff and she was so happy.


Boxwood is da BOMB

Boxwood isn’t just for landscaping (in my opinion).  I LOVE it outside and have it for a border in my front yard landscaping, but I wanted to put my loverly container to use so…I purchased two bunches of plastic boxwood and plucked them all apart and make this arrangement for the house.  It makes me smile!  Isn’t that silly?  I finally found a use for this container.  I purchased it many years (like 12) ago and have used it for this and that but I think this will last a long time with its new use…a home to boxwood sprigs.

It is currently on my kitchen table but I’m sure it will migrate every few months to a new home.


I won’t bore you with the step by step tutorial because you all can see how it is done below.  You’re welcome.  : )



Simply Mesmerizing

Quite a few years ago (let’s not mention how many, ok?), I went to see an exhibition of a few pieces from artist Dale ChihulyI was mesmerized by the glass and how breathtaking it was.  Beautiful colors, amazing shapes, enormous pieces of glass twisted into magnificent works of art.  It is something you have to see in person to really appreciate!  I’m thrilled that I got to see a few pieces of his work and would LOVE to own one of my own some day. I want a basket or a seaform some day.  These pictures were taken many years ago so I had to scan them in but I wanted to share just a few things that I saw that day. 


I was standing in front of this large piece.  Fabulous.  I grinned all day.

015 016

This one hung from a ceiling.  I’m not doing it justice.  It was VERY large and I don’t know if you can tell but it was in various shades of orange.


Now this one was on the floor and all of it was clear glass.  I know it looks strange but I tell you it was wonderful.

Have you ever heard me rave over something like this?  I’m a glass geek.  I can’t help it.

If anyone else has seen some of his work, let me know.  I’d love to hear what YOU thought!!


Call me a sucker but…

when it comes to silly, sappy, “girly” movies, I fall for them and get caught up in them.  I finally got around to seeing When in Rome.  I loved it.  It was cute and made me laugh and I totally fell for it.  Sucker!  I know, I know.  I just can’t help myself.  My poor husband.


Did anyone else think it was a good movie?  Are you a sucker too?

I’ve been working on things around the house.  I’ve spray painted so many things that my husband just laughs at me when I pick something up because he thinks I’m going to spray it.  If it doesn’t move, it has a fair chance of being painted a new color.  I’m nesting again.  I have NO idea why but I just can’t seem to help myself.  Move this, paint that, rearrange here and there, repurpose this and that.  It makes life…unpredictable, right?  That is how crazy I am.  CRAZY I tell ya!  Pretty sad isn’t it if that is all the more crazy I get?  Oh well.  I’m having fun.


2010 - Customer of the Year


Connie – 2010 Customer of the Year

I am honored to say that I have had a wonderful customer these past few years and her name is Connie.  She helped me design some wonderful pieces of jewelry and I’m so thrilled that she chose me to help her with sentimental gifts. 

Connie is a woman that gives generously, loves fully, and enjoys laughter.  She blesses those around her in a way that only Connie can.  She is an avid gardener and flowers thrive near her.

Thank you Connie for blessing my life.


Name it


Here is what I found in my window.  What do you think was happening here and do you think this could have a title or name?  How about – Don’t throw me under the bus?  These are small little toys (fairies to be exact) from the Tinker Bell movie.  No toys were harmed in this scene (that I know of).

Piece by piece


“Really?      Puzzles?       NOW?”  I ask.  “Sure, let’s get them out and let Mama make some coffee and I’ll help.”  I stagger towards the kitchen and notice the early hour and that she is totally ready to start her day.  Me?  Not so much at 7:10.  Not THIS ready.  Recently she has become fascinated with puzzles.  Ashley wants to do them all day long.  She is very independent and gets frustrated but sticks with it and I admire her diligence to complete the puzzle.   She is only 2 1/2 and I’m surprised by her determination to complete them by herself.  Her little face gets so serious while she puts it together.  I love these phases.  Soon we will be on another kick but for now, puzzles are IT!


Something new from something old

I’m tired of using shoes as a door stopper so I made this yesterday to put at my back door.  I wanted something that wouldn’t break but could function as a decorative element. 



Ring a ling.a.ling

When the phone rings, I get nervous.  There is that moment when my heart races and I wonder if it is good news or bad news that awaits on the other end.  I find myself dreading answering it at times.  Too many people are facing big issues in life around us and I want some of the outcomes to be different.  Ever been there?


Sale – Kaleidoscope Lampwork Bracelet


Sale price is $48.80.

There are great colors in this bracelet.  Red, lime green, royal blue, turquoise and white.  This is a super fun bracelet with lots of colors and personality!

Sale price good till 7.18.10


Play with your jewelry

Go ahead, play with it.  Have fun taking it apart and putting it back together to fit your mood.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         This is on sale till Sunday.


Sale – Chic Bracelet

Calling all ladies who love to wear the wonderful kelly green color.  I LOVE this color and made this bracelet, earrings, and pendant set.  It doesn’t have lampwork beads but boy is it ever yummy!  Check it out!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Sale – Full of Fun Necklace

Today’s item to be added to the sale is a necklace with lots of colorful lampwork beads.  This necklace can be adjusted to be worn short or long.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This item is being marked down for the sale to


I only have one and this will not be duplicated so grab it while you can.  This sale price is good till 7/18/10.

More items being added to the sale each day!


SALE - Miracles Bracelet and Earrings

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Sale, Sale, Sale!

This week I will be having a sale on the items in my shop. 

I will put a new item up for sale each day for the rest of the week, ending on Sunday.  Don’t miss the sale.


Questions from Mia

Each day brings wonderful experiences with children and I love it when Mia (my five year-old) asks questions.  She asks questions ALL DAY LONG.  Here are some recent questions.

“When is kid’s day?  There is Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Grandparent’s Day.  When is it kid’s day?”  I thought that was a wonderful question.

“Why are boys so rough?  They don’t play like me  and I don’t like their games.”

“Why can’t I marry Daddy.  He can be married to both of us, can’t he?”

“Why do you get to drink Coke whenever you want to?”

“Is Ellie visiting with Grandpa in heaven?”

“The gas station is up the street?  Do you mean up in the sky, in heaven?”



A what?

P5118359 I COMPLETELY forgot to follow up and tell you what this is.  It looks scary doesn’t it?  Well, it is called a frog.  Yes, a frog.  It is used in the bottom of a flower vase or container to help the stems stay in place when creating a flower arrangement.  I use it all of the time and it keeps the difficult flower arrangements together when the stems want to flip out.   Now you know.


You will hear me say…DAILY

“Don’t make ugly faces at your sister!”

“Please use your manners.”

“Can you go get a tissue because I don’t really want that.  Thanks though.”

“Does it help to whine?”

“I’m going to count to three.”

“Awe, how sweet of you to hug her.  WAIT!  Not that tight!”

“Please eat your food.”

“Please share.”

“Did you wash your hands?”

“I’ll set the timer and then you can switch when it beeps.”

Forgive me if I randomly say one of these things to you.  I just can’t help myself sometimes…they just blurt out. 


I’m going to do it

I’m going to do it.  I’m going to blog more often, I promise.  I mean at this point, anything is an improvement, right?  Right. I didn’t blog the past few weeks while we were out of town in Florida, but I’m back and ready to jump into it.  I have felt guilty for not putting up new things so…my apologies.  Okay, I’m done.

So what have ya’ll been up to?  We went to Florida and it was wonderful.  I’m in the process of getting all of my photos together (all 335 of them) and will post them (no, not all of them) soon.  Walt Disney World was unforgettable and I SO enjoyed the delight of our children as they saw new things each day.

IMG_0921 They danced on this bridge near the castle to music playing in the park.  Simply precious.

IMG_0948Mark and his girls.


On to business.  I have a VERY messy studio that I would be mortified to show to anyone which I need to be tidy up.  I need to set up my new torch, concentrator, and all of the fun accessories I purchased.  OH JOY!  What is it about children that zaps all of our energy?  I can’t seem to find any of it lately.  Did someone hide it from me?  I know they stash things all of the time and I’m going to run across it one day in a drawer under a shirt or in the zipper of a little purse here in the house.  I just KNOW IT!  If anyone finds some extra energy around your home, mail it to me.  No, FEDEX it to me!  I’ll pay for the shipping.  giggle…

I’ll be back soon with pictures of two bracelets that I’ve been hiding and some pictures of my family.


Custom Design Stories - 2

Men love to give jewelry.  Thank goodness since women love to receive it also!  A win, win for everyone.  I recently worked with a husband who requested a custom lampwork design for his wife.  It was her birthday and he wanted to have a necklace and earring set for her special day.  We designed this necklace with pastel colors and a hint of blue so that she could wear it with LOTS of things in her closet.   


He contacted me after her special day and told me that she loved it and he was so pleased to have a unique gift for her. 

This is the part of my business that I LOVE!  Working on custom designs and getting to know my customers and their stories.  I LOVE it!

Take a guess


Does anyone know what this is?  I use it all of the time but wanted to see if anyone else knows what it is. 

Care to guess?


Losing a pet is never easy


We had to put Ellie to sleep because she was ill and it broke my heart.  I bawled for a whole day and looked awful!!  I don’t know that my eyes have ever been that puffy.  I miss her and the very things that drove me BONKERS, make me miss her now.  For example her barking while the kids were sleeping, stealing and eating the children’s toys, the dinner napkin snatching black and white hair all over the furniture and a myriad of things like that.  I will miss the way she greeted us when we came home each time.  We could have been away for 5 minutes and she still greeted us the same way.  Unconditional love will be missed in our home.


Making roses out of crib sheets

Recently I spent MANY hours near the bathroom potty-training my youngest daughter (I’ll refrain from showing those pictures).  By the way, she is now potty-trained.  Yahoo!  I had a cream crib sheet that I had kept after we gave the crib away and was bored so I decided to make roses.  Yes, roses!  I made them by tearing strips of fabric and winding it around the center to create a rose.   I sewed each one together on the back by hand as I wound it to ensure they would stay intact.  I pin them to my sweaters, t-shirts, purses, and anything else that comes near me.  The dog is lucky she isn’t wearing them.  Hmmmm……now there’s an idea.



A castle in…

WDWCastleYes, we are headed to see this castle in Florida in a few months.  You know the one.  A business trip in Orlando will be near this magical place and so…we are going.  Does anyone have any points, tips, tricks, or hints?  We won’t be staying very long but I want to make the most of this trip for my four and two-year old girls.  Mia is SO in love with princesses and we dress up and pretend ALL of the time.  I am always the prince when we play.  What?  Why don’t I get to be a princess?   Oh, I guess I lost track of my point.  Oops.  Since I’ve never been, I just thought I’d ask in case you have learned a thing or two in your adventures.   Leave me a comment if you have pointers.  Thanks a bunch!!!


WINNER for Giveaway #2

And the winner is…follower….Dan and Karissa.  Please contact Janice to claim your prize.  Congratulations!  You will LOVE whatever you pick.  Thirty-One has great items.

Thank you everyone for playing along and a BIG thank you to Janice for being such a wonderful host for this giveaway.


Giveaway #2 is ending tonight at midnight

Don’t forget to participate to have a chance to win $25.00 from Janice with Thirty-One!  woohoo!  They have beautiful things.


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