Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for the simple things in life.  Food, clothes, a home, health, and grace to live life every day.  I’m so thankful for my family and the little voices I hear each day!  I have been richly blessed!

I’m also thankful for my customers and those who are willing to share this journey and business with me. 

Thank you so very much for your support!

Enjoy your day as you take time to visit with family and friends and remember what you are thankful for this year.


6 Volunteers?

I would love for six people to help me, if you are willing.  I’m asking for volunteers to answer questions and give feedback.  I like to know what you think and am wondering who would be interested.  I would like to work with three of my customers and three individuals who are not customers to help me.   If you would like to help me out, just leave a comment below to notify me.  I won’t publish your comments in case you are wondering.  I would really appreciate your assistance!  I promise it won’t take much of your time. : )


This piece is already sold, but I wanted to show you a recent custom designed bracelet that I created for a customer.  It is adorable!  Black and white with a simple, but fun twist.


Bag Lady (Girl)

Mia has, shall we say, an affinity for purses, bags, boxes, containers, or anything that will hold junk treasures.  I have so many collections in this house stashed in the above mentioned items, that it boggles my mind.  The other day I saw Mia creeping up the stairs with these on her arms and just HAD to take a picture.  I counted her purses.  I found seven.  No lie.  SEVEN!  Each of them had little treasures within and she could barely carry them all but here she is in all of her glory.  My dear, little bag lady girl. 

No, she never takes a normal smiling picture in case you were wondering. : )



Who flipped my switch?

I haven’t had energy or any spunk in weeks, no, more like months but today…I have energy!  Who flipped my switch while I was sleeping?  I have LOTS to do today and look forward to tackling my to do list.  How about you?  Do you have energy and feel chipper?

image  image

Just a reminder that my Christmas Open House is coming up in a few weeks!  I’m busy, busy, busy, making lampwork lovelies!



Paintings For some reason I have been in the mood to paint.  I’ve had canvases around my home for years and I got this wild desire to use them all of the sudden.  So, I have been painting.  Now, mind you, these are NOT great works of art and were created very quickly, but it has been fun to paint.  I painted the small flower one  while I was cooking the other night.  Voila!  A new piece of art to hang up in my office. 


Full Trash Can

Dinner was a total flop!  I should have known when I found the outdated box of rice that I should just order a pizza.   My can opener decided not to work at ALL (it is now in the trash can) and the onion that I needed to use was mostly mush (it is in the trash can) and when I finally got dinner done and on the table, the pork chops were so salty (I tried a new recipe) I couldn’t even eat it (it is in the trash can).  The girls were picking the little pieces of pilaf out of the rice pilaf saying that they were beans.  UGH!  It was a funny, family dinner for sure.  I just pulled out leftovers out of the refrigerator, from the night before, and that was that.  You know those dinners, the ones that no one will eat?   Oh well.  No, I will not grace you with pictures since it really was THAT BAD!


Best Before

I must run and get my reading glasses.  SURELY that does not say best before 2/2007??????????  Seriously?  Apparently time flies and I haven’t made this type of rice in a VERY long time.  How embarrassing.    Well, not embarrassing enough to not share it with all of you!  What is the oldest grocery item you have found in your home?  The picture is lousy but you get the idea.  Back to the kitchen to find something a little more current to cook.  ha ha



Christmas Music?

Seriously, Christmas music NOW?  I still have pumpkins and candy all over my house.  Christmas music?  I’m SO not ready for this just yet.  BUT, if you want to listen to some, you can listen to this radio station online.   I’m still in denial that Christmas is approaching.


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