Enjoy the ride, eh?

So, I’ve been busy and so have all of you.  What else is new, right?  Right.  I just thought I’d share with you what I thought was humorous tonight.  I tucked the children into bed and came down to work on my orders and this…Workspace

is the sight I came upon when I walked into the room!

Now who could have possibly done this?  Not me???  NO WAY!  I leave things nice and tidy and ready for me to work when I return.  Can I tell you that this just made me chuckle.  Really?  Now I have to clean up before I can work.


There is even a little Christmas berry on my desk that I have no idea how it got there.  Hmmmmm?????

Apparently my workspace isn’t the ONLY thing that looks crazy like it needs some attention.  My daughter gave me this picture she drew today and told me this is me! Great!  I think she meant it as a compliment. : )

Even a 5 year old knows when I look a mess.  giggle.  What am I holding?  An ice cream cone?  I run around with those ALL of the time.  ha!  Isn’t it precious though?


What am I doing though, really.  I’m busy working on custom orders  and the open house is um….well…happening eventually ladies.  My ducks aren’t in a row this year.  As a matter of fact, there is not even a duck in sight!!!  Darn ducks!


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