I have been “clomping” (that is the word I made up for the sound of me walking with this shoe) around for a few days now with this lovely shoe.  ARGH, MATEY!  I sound and look like a peg-leg pirate Clompwalking through the house.  Swaying one way and then the other trying to walk in this shoe that won’t let me move my foot.  Three weeks of this?  Holy, moley!  I’ve taped my toes together and that will hopefully help my toe heal properly and I REALLY look forward to walking in a regular shoe again.  Ahhhhh.  Y’all feel free to run out and get yourselves one of these fashionable shoes.  They are ALL the rage!

On to other items.  The girls went to a party this morning and have started their sugar feast.  This is NOT a good picture but you get the idea.  They wouldn’t sit still and wouldn’t smile so this is all you get for now.  I will be in the presence of Cinderella and Snow White this year.


A lovely morning

I am pleased to say that I am enjoying the season this year.  Normally I really detest this time of year but the colors are spectacular this year and I’m really making the effort to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, and beauty of these days.  This is what one of our trees looks like this morning as I look up into the crystal, clear blue sky.  Beautiful!


Going to see an orthopaedist in a little bit to see what can be done with this wonky (isn’t that a funny word?) baby toe.


The other direction

My pinkie toe seems to be going in another direction than all of my other toes on my left foot.  Bummer!  This is what ran through my head following the unusual bump into my family room chair. 

  • I don’t think my toe is supposed to be going THAT direction.
  • I wish I had taken my shower earlier today.
  • My toe nails are not painted and I still have chips of paint on them from my hasty nail polish removal yesterday!
  • Am I going to have to drive myself at this hour?
  • Can my husband just yank my toe back into place?

No, he didn’t yank and yes, I drove myself to an urgent care center.  Someone had to stay home with our sleeping girls. : ) I have the x-rays to prove that it IS broken (duh) and that I have to wait until Monday to have anyone really look at it.  Great!  NOTHING is on television after 2:00 a.m.  Seriously.  Nothing worth while at least. 

That does it for me for now so I’ll check back in when things are going in a better direction.  ha ha



This post has nothing to do with jewelry so feel free to just keep right on going to see other sites.  I just have this in my heart and wanted to get it out.  I have been blessed with such wonderful friends.  You know, sometimes it is hard to meet kindred spirits or other women who share similar stages and goals in life.  I have found quite a few over the years and am blessed to be their friend.  Mind you, I’m the oldest of most of them.  How did THAT happen?  UGH!  The point is though that I’m SO thankful for the lovely ladies in my life and value them so VERY, VERY much.  I love you dearly each and every one. 

Some of my friends have been through very tough life experiences and I’m so thankful that they have found peace and joy in the midst of such chaos.  God is faithful and provides exactly what we need, when we need it.  I’ve seen that time and time again in the lives of my friends.  Now if only I could remember that when I am standing at the bottom of a hill and don’t want to climb it. 

Ashley turned TWO


Ashley's birthday wasn't really the special day that had we planned, but since both of the girls were sick and had fevers, we stayed home and played in our jammies. Ashley is a delightful little girl and makes us laugh all the time. My baby girl turned TWO! Time is flying.


Joke and more

I’ve got a joke for you.  Who sleeps with his shoes on?   A horse.  hardy, har, har.

We have been close to home since the girls are sick with some sort of nasty virus and I have been trying to make the days fun even though we are stuck inside.  We tried noodle art yesterday.  I believe I enjoyed it more than them.  Oh well.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I received my order of sterling silver yesterday and was giddy when I was opening it.  It takes me a long time to decide what to order and so when I get it, I am always so pleased to see what I purchased.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         LOVE IT!  Or as Ashley says, “Oh joy” while she smiles the cutest smile.  Which reminds me, Ashley turned two on Saturday.  I’ll put up pictures later.   Oh, I also have some pictures of a custom bracelet that I just finished and want to show you.  I’ll try to get that up today.

I better scram, I hear crying.  Doh!


In the Middle Necklace

Check out a necklace I put up today.

How is everyone? Sick, healthy, burned out, full of energy, or in the middle? I'm currently in the middle of helping two children make their way back to health. This is only October and we still have many months ahead for germs to run around homes, schools, and local gathering places. The thought is slightly freaky but life can't come to a halt can it? I'm also in the middle of digging out of tons of clothes to sort through and pass clothes along that we no longer need. I have storage containers here, there, and everywhere. It is rather humorous honestly. Plastic towers of clothes. So are you in the middle of something? We always are aren't we? It is life!


Can you tell me

  • What did people do before napkins were invented?
  • Do rabbits eat cheese?
  • Why don’t fish have teeth?

These are some of Mia’s most recent questions.

Binge Blogger

Would that be an appropriate title?  I seem to binge blog.  I have a whole bunch of days or even weeks where I make the time to blog and then a really bad dry spell hits. Eek!  Sorry my devoted followers.  I’m boring as of late!  Sick children, working part-time, and taking care of the home and business after hours seems to have kept me busy.  For some reason I’m especially tired these past few weeks.  Whah, whah.  I hear you. : )

I dream of a day when I am able to take a WHOLE DAY and work on my designs floating around in my head.  AH!  For now I’m working on custom orders (which I LOVE) and will start working again on the upcoming Christmas open house.  Yippee!


Right now I have beads on the mandrels and they are waiting to be made into designs so I’ll do that tonight after the breathing treatments are over and the tissues have been put away for the night.  

How are you all doing?  Enjoying the changing of the weather and the colors?  I’m trying.  Really trying to enjoy it!  So many of you do enjoy this time of year that I must be missing something.  

Oh, I forgot to ask, does anyone like the pets on the blog?  I think they are silly and something fun.  Don’t forget to help me feed them. 


Little Gem Earrings


This weekend will be full of visiting with family and friends and lots of time in my studio.  I love doing custom orders and have a few to work on that will a challenge for sure.  I’m excited to start on them and will jump into it as soon as my husband comes home.  He is watching the girls for the evening while I make beads, beads, beads.  What a great way to start the weekend!  Enjoy your weekend also.


Does anyone want to play?


Does anyone want to play a quick online game?  If you click on the picture above, it will take you to the Pepperidge Farm website where you can play the game above to have $1 donated to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.


The end of my flowers


This is the final arrangement that I will pick this year and I will miss my flowers because they make such a difference in my home when I see them and smell them.  ahhhh   The leaves are starting to change colors and fall to the ground.  Each year I try to find the beauty in this season but I struggle when I see my flowers and plants wither away.  I know it is silly but I’m always a bit sad to watch it all fade.  Okay, enough of “Debbie Downer”.   Pumpkins, fall colors, bon-fires, sweaters, and cool, crisp air are quickly coming  so I’ll jump into it with both feet and enjoy it.  (cough, cough)  I did perk up my front door wreath today with silk leaves and colorful berries so I am at least trying. I’ll get into the swing of it soon.

How do you all deal with the change of the season?  Do you love it or tolerate it?  Let me hear your thoughts.

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