Not so fun start to 2010!

Would you believe it that I have pneumonia?  Go figure.    I felt HORRIBLE yesterday and drug myself to see my physician and left with a stack of prescriptions.   I don’t know that I have ever felt this awful even when I had the flu.  Ugh!  The antibiotics have kicked in and I’m feeling better today because I am thinking about  things like food, hygiene, phone calls and of course, ya’ll (my blog).   Well I’m off to the couch to watch the girls enjoy the baby crib mattress on the floor.  No more cribs for us!  Both girls are wearing little ballet outfits over their pajamas and acting like they are gymnasts.  It is a site to behold.

I’ll end this post on a good note to say that my elbow is doing quite well.  I honestly forgot all about my elbow while I was really sick.  

Have a happy day!


Raise your hand if…

  • You have the colors of the rainbow on your arm
  • Your dog keeps making horrible smells under your office desk
  • You recently went to a salon called “The Bubbly Hair Salon” and you left with your hair smelling like cupcakes (which is run by a four year old)  gotcha
  • You thought a life-sized decal on a fast-food restaurant door was checking you out through the drive through window.  Don’t ask.  It is an embarrassing story. : )

I’ll raise my hand for all of the above.  Anyone else?


Does anyone else feel like sharing today?


I forgot to mention

I had a few questions from some of you and forgot to mention that I cannot move my arm.  Ha ha!  My elbow has so much padding on it and my arm and elbow is bound so tight that I cannot move hardly at all.  It takes way too long to wash my hair and forget about styling it.  It is humorous to watch me wriggle into clothing, coats and the such.  Oh well.  That is why this is a bit of an ordeal because I’m limited in some of the things that I can do.  Obviously I can sit here and type though.  You know, the important thing in life. : )  Blogging.

Oh so pretty

I feel pretty, oh so pretty.  You know the feeling. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I get my bandages off in a few days and I can NOT wait!  It hurts, it itches, it drives me nuts and all of the fun stuff that goes along with having surgery.   I’m doing alright and will be glad to hear if the sensations I’m having are normal.  ugh!

My home is…shall we say sparkling.  Not because it is clean.  ha ha.  No, because there is glitter EVERYWHERE!   It is so cute to see all of these little art projects on every surface and hanging from most of the doors.  Glitter glue and glitter were part of Christmas this year and the girls have had a great time making little beauties every day since Christmas day.  Want one?  I’ll gladly send you one or FIVE! 


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