I took Mia school shopping tonight and I have to tell you it was funny.  Well at least it was to ME.  Mind you, she is heading off to kindergarten and the child needs shoes.  My intention was to go find a pair of shoes or two and some clothes if we had the time.  HA!  Mia had a gift card from JC Penny so we went there first to find something for her to spend her money on and we NEVER made it out of the store.   Can I just tell you that the girl spent it on two lip glosses?  Really?  TWO?  LipglossLipgloss

I couldn’t convince her to purchase clothes, shoes, accessories or anything.  Lip gloss.  ugh!  (My mama didn’t rear me that way)  That wasn’t the funny part.  Nu uh.

We went to another department to look at clothes for Mia and all of the sudden I felt overwhelmed.  Glitter, rhinestones, peace signs, crazy colors, lots of lace, etc.  Clothes were everywhere and they all looked like clothes she shouldn’t be wearing at this age..to me.  Apparently I freaked out a teeny, tiny bit because my daughter said, “Just settle down Mama.  We can come back here later.  Just relax.” 
Really?  Did I just hear that? 
You should have seen the hand motions that went with it.  Cracked me up.  Needless to say, I’ll be shopping another night. 
I gave up and left (with two lip glosses).  Her little lips were slathered with that stuff and she was so happy.

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