I found ONE way to fix my problem.

So, my last blog mentioned that I have a problem with spending too much time on the computer checking in on my favorite websites and blogs. Well, I found one way to cure it. Take a sick child with breathing problems, add Bronchitis and Bronchiolitis to the mix, a handful of medicines and breathing treatments that require me to keep a chart and... voila, no time for a computer...let alone a life! My little girl Ashley is sick again and it is frustrating considering she just got over her last bout a few days prior to starting this all over again. At least this time we haven't had to go to the hospital. I'm learning a lot about this phase she is in and have started to get used to sleeping in her room on three cushions. : ) What a mother won't do for a child. I said all of that to say that I have not been on the computer so that is why I haven't been around. I'm praying Ashley will be better soon and I can move back to MY bed. This has given me a new appreciation for health and I have been thanking him daily for that gift of a healthy family.


I think, no, I KNOW I have a PROBLEM!

I did it again! I sat down at my computer to read through my email and check on a few blogs and websites that I love to visit almost everyday, and then....wham....I realize I almost blew threw another HOUR! Where does the time go? This online stuff is addictive!! Do you agree? There are so many wonderful websites and blogs that time just zips away and low and behold I spent more time than I should have peeping into other people's lives. I'm not a peeping tom mind you. They put it on the internet to share ya' know. Anyway, I was just telling that I wasted a wee bit of time and now I'm off to clean the kitchen and put the toys away that collected in the nooks and crevices of the house all day.

Here is a blog that I found which made me want to come along side of them and lift them up in prayer. Please consider praying for this family. The Hall Family.


We have a winner

Thank you all participating in this giveaway. It was fun to hear from so many new people that I may do this again next month too! Without delay, I would like to announce...

Thanks again everyone! Have a great weekend!

Just a few more hours

Hello! I continue to keep adding names to the growing list and will pick the lucky winner at 7:00 EST. I'll post the winner's first name and last name initial and will send an email so I can get a mailing address. The earrings will be shipped out tomorrow. If you haven't entered your name yet, scroll down to the Giveaway post and send me your email in the comment window.

Are you all enjoying your Friday? Mine is going quickly and I'm thrilled it is Friday! I never get tired of Fridays. It marks the end of a week and I love my weekends. My family is getting together to celebrate a few birthdays so it will be nice to visit with most of them. Some of the family will not be able to come since they are away at college. We consume lots of food and are a loud bunch.

That will do it for now. I'll be back later to announce the WINNER!


Full of Life Bracelet

This is the new bracelet I have in the store. Great for the upcoming months when the weather starts to turn warm! Click here to see more about this bracelet.


The giveaway list is growing!!! I am receiving your comments but I am not putting them on the blog, just so you know. They are getting through though! : ) I only used the comments section on the blog so you wouldn't have to send me a separate email to be part of the giveaway. Does that make sense? Anyway, I have your names and we have one more day till someone is the lucky winner! Isn't it fun to receive something for free? I think so! I'll be back later with a post about a new bracelet I made this week. It is a bright and cheery little thing.

I'm waiting for the roads to get better before I head out the door to purchase some MUCH needed groceries. I avoid grocery shopping with the girls but it is unavoidable at this point. We NEED orange juice. Can't live without it, ya' know. ha ha

Be back later. Have a good day!


Giveaway this week

FREE? Yes, totally free! How fun is this? I am giving away one pair of earrings (picture below) to one lucky person who reads my blog. How can you enter to win this pair of earrings? Leave me a comment below and your email address and I will enter your name in the drawing. I will only enter each person once so please don't leave multiple comments. : ) I will have my husband pick a name on Friday night (2.20.09) at 7:00 p.m. for one lucky winner. I will notify you that night via email. Sound like fun? Well, leave me a comment and I'll enter your name into the drawing. I'd love to hear from you!

The earrings are a 1.5 inches long. The lampwork beads on the bottom are black with little bits of earth-tone glass pieces melted in. There are black onyx beads above the lampwork beads. A great pair of earrings to have, don't you think?


Toffee Swirls Lampwork Bracelet

Want a new bracelet to wear? Check out the Toffee Swirls Bracelet.

Oh, I also mentioned a freebie for this week in a previous post. Well, I'm off to make my freebie and will have it up on Wednesday for you to find. I'll let you know more on Wednesday.


Happy Valentine's Day

February 14th is here and that makes it...Valentine's Day! I don't normally get into this day but having children is making me feel differently about special holidays. So, I made little banners last night and hung them on their bedroom doors with little hearts strung onto ribbon and I just put together these little boxes. You wonder why I used little boxes instead of a bag? Well let me tell you. Mia is in a phase where she collects various things in the house of all shapes and sizes and puts them into containers and boxes. Ashley is starting to do it because she sees her older sister doing it so what better way to help them with their habit than give them bead boxes!!! I have little candies in them now but those will soon be eaten and then they can peruse the house gathering stuff and collect it in the little squares. I'm a genius aren't I? You laugh? Well, they are little and this will be perfect for them today. Honestly.

You all have a wonderful day and I'll be back soon with freebie fun this week. Freebies are always fun aren't they?


Smile a Little

I found this fun video and wanted to share it. It made me smile. This could be a great Father's Day video but I wanted to share it now. Too cute.

On a separate topic, I haven't posted in a few days because my little one, who is now 15 months old, had some problems the past few days with her breathing and we ended up going to the Children's Hospital here in town. What an adventure. It was so sad to see that little body in a hospital crib with oxygen on her little face. Anyway, she is home now (big grin) and is running around having a good time now that she is feeling better.



So I am getting to know the staff at Cincinnati Children's Hospital more than I care to know. Ashley started having breathing problems again yesterday morning after starting with a cold on Saturday. After a trip to the pediatrician's office to have nubulizer treatments and Walgreens for medications, I finally took her home only to have her have problems again and then we had to head to Children's Hospital. We arrived at 4:30 and were seen by everyone and then finally assigned a room around 11:00 p.m. Ashley did so well with everything but it was hard to keep her on the hospital bed since she had all kinds of things taped and strapped to her to monitor her. She finally got to sleep at 11:30 and then had to have two breathing treatments in the night so the poor thing didn't get much sleep and I must say I didn't either since those pull-out beds are a...well, JOKE! Ashley finally started doing better and we were able to come home today. Boy oh boy, I don't want to do this every time she has a cold. I'm learning to manage this and listen to her breathing to know when to use an inhaler and all of the other stuff.


Be Back Later

I woke up this morning and opened my bedroom door to find this WONDERFUL little note posted on my bathroom door frame. :::happy sigh::: I have been doing whatever I want this morning without a care in the world. Mark took the girls out somewhere and they will be back for lunch. So, I'm working on bracelets and watching television but NOT cartoons. I LOVE IT! The house is quiet. ssshhhh....can you hear it? Exactly. Quiet. Okay, back to work.


Love is Patient

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