There is a WINNER

Due to time constraints, I'm not going to wait until tomorrow morning to award the winner. I just used my handy spreadsheet that has the names on it and the random.org website to pick a winner.
The winner is - Mama Bear! Congratulations! Please contact me via my website to claim your prize and provide me with your mailing address.

Thanks everyone for participating and again, welcome new followers. Don't get disappointed. I do this every now and then so you will have a chance again. I promise.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Farm Fun at a Park

Recently we went to a local park that has a “farm” with animals and it was a day of firsts for the girls. 

This was the first time they:

  1. Saw chickens running around free on the farm near a playground.
  2. Saw llamas, sheep, ponies, bunnies, and goats.
  3. Petted goats.
  4. Took a short, very short, ride on a pony.
  5. Went on a wagon ride pulled by a tractor.

They loved it and I saw so many people there that day that I knew and I was truly surprised to see each one of them.  How crazy that so many of my friends decided to go the same day.  Weird.  It was fun to visit and chat with friends and yet learn a little about animals and have a good time.   We will be going again soon I bet! 

I haven’t been very good this week about blogging, but don’t let that fool you.  I think about the blog all the time.  I write little things in my head (but obviously don’t put them here), and take pictures so that I can share them with you, but in the daily shuffle of priorities those things seem to get lost or not make it to the computer.  I still write them in my head though.  How many other people out there think in blog posts?

I have a necklace set that I’m going to share with you next week that is so fun.  It was a custom design and I had fun doing them for a mother and daughter.  More details to come.

Oh, I’ll post the winner of the “Followers Freebie” on Saturday morning. 


Free Stuff is AWESOME!

The giveaway ended and we have a winner!  Yippee!  Isn't it fun to win?  I mean, who doesn't love getting special things for free?  I for one hardly ever win ANYTHING but today, I received a phone call AND....guess what?  I won a whole bunch of beauty products from a raffle that I entered yesterday.  I jumped around and giggled like crazy because I am usually not on the receiving end, BUT...TODAY....I WON!  I hauled the girls with me to the salon to pick up my goodies and had fun with them.  Among many wonderful things, I got a hair straitening iron and immediately pulled it out and used it on me AND Mia.  Mia looks cute with straight hair.  No pictures of any of it.   Just information here.  You get tired of pictures, don't you?

I've been making lots of beads lately and I would have been most embarrassed to have anyone see me yesterday while I was sitting at my desk in front of the torch.  I listen to music on my iPod and I was all over the place.  One minute I was singing away, the next I was raising my hands in praise, the next minute I was crying.  Boy, Oh, Boy!  What a crazy mess I was but it was therapeutic and I felt refreshed after I turned off my torch and walked away.  Phew!  I'm just glad no one saw me (I think).

Okay, I'm off to clean and put a few pieces together but I just wanted to stop in and say "Hello" to all of the new followers.  Welcome!


Silly Fun


Today was a day to be silly and have a fun lunch and not worry whether or not it was healthy.  You know those days are fun every now and then.  I made silly sandwiches that looked like the girls.  NOT REALLY.  LOL  They thought it was fun and of course, Ashley ate the eyes (M&Ms) right away.  Mia saved hers and ate them a hour later.  She is a VERY slow eater.  VERY S….L….O….W eater. 

My allergies kicked up today and I sneezed all day long and blew my nose like crazy and generally felt like I was in a fog.  I’m going to take allergy medicine on a regular basis starting TODAY and see if that helps.  I’m miserable.  UGH!  You didn’t ask, but I told you anyway.  : )

I will leave you with a pair of earrings that are a great punch of color to add to your lampwork collection.  Go ahead and visit them.  Go on.   They are on sale also!


Till tomorrow.


Let the FUN begin TODAY!

Favors With Love is hosting a fun giveaway week with items from online shops that all have their websites hosted at ShoppePro.  What a great idea and I'm pleased as punch to be part of this week! This is a wonderful way to be able to see and support other businesses. Here is your chance to win a pendant and earring set that I made for this week. Go and check it out. Don't miss your chance to win some wonderful things. Have fun!

WELCOME to any new visitors to my website and blog! I'm glad you stopped by and I hope you enjoy looking around.

Can't Sleep

Ashley woke up crying at 4:30 am, so I went to put her back to bed and LOVED rocking her back to sleep rubbing that little toddler back that is OH so soft. "Blankie" she told me so that I would cover her feet as she drifted back to sleep. I could have held her for the next few hours and kissed her endlessly but alas, I did not (thus this post). :)
AND...I went to check on Mia and she woke up and so sweetly said, "Hi, Mom."
As I covered her up again and started to leave the room, she said, "Mom, can I tell you one thing?"
"Sure," I said.
"I love you," was her precious reply. Well now, I HAD to crawl into her bed and snuggle with her AFTER THAT and then she said,
"I am oh so very tired," and with that, she drifted back to sleep.
Those are the moments that I hope I will always remember. SO PRECIOUS and SWEET!

I shall try to get back to bed but I think I might just be up for the day.
Happy Monday!


A day to remember

Two years ago today, my mother passed away unexpectedly. Today is full of life, love, tears, and memories.

I visited with my family this morning and it helped! We were able to talk about life and how things were and how things are now and how much we miss her. We have wonderful memories and miss sharing our lives with her but we are all blessed for the time we did spend with her. This is a day....to remember.



Whatever shall I do tonight now that my children are asleep?  Clean, put away laundry, pick up toys, do dishes?  You know, I think I just might not do ANY of those things and just sit down and read.  It is a BE.A.UTIFUL night and I’m going to plop myself outside, read, and enjoy the little bit of light left tonight.  ::::giggle:::



I went to the bead show but was so disappointed!  The inventory was low and I couldn’t find anything I wanted so…I will shop online and go to the next one. 

This is how I feel today.  Fluffy!  (That is my kind word for overweight.)  Isn’t this picture funny?  Does anyone else ever feel this way?  Someone sent me an email today with all kinds of silly pictures (you may have received the same pictures today) and this one struck me as humorous.  I’m not promoting anything in this picture.  It just struck a cord with me. 

I’m off to make a few pair of earrings and then to bed.  Yippee!  Sweet slumber.  Sleep doesn’t come easy these days.  Bugger.


Follower Freebie

Would anyone like to have a pair of free lampwork earrings? Well, feel free to become a follower of my blog to have your name entered into the drawing. For those of you who are current followers as of July 11, 2009, (I know who you are :::wink, wink), I will enter your name twice into the drawing and then any new followers will have their name entered once. Each individual will be assigned a number (or two) and I will draw the number on August 1st at noon EST via random.org. Thank you to all of my current followers and I hope you enjoy keeping up with me AND I hope new people find their way to this little neck of the web. Get it? ha ha. Silly comment, I know. Here are the beauties I’m giving away.

To be eligible to win, click on the follower box on the left side of my blog and join in on the fun!

I’m off to a bead show tomorrow so I’ll be blissfully strolling through aisles of gemstone beads, sterling silver beads, and MORE beads. Yippee!

Lazy Saturday morning

The morning breeze today was divine!  We had the perfect mix of clouds, sun, and a wonderful breeze.  I packed up the girls into the van, stopped for some donuts, a coffee drink, and then headed to the park.   We had fun just playing and enjoyed a glorious Saturday morning.  We played at TWO parks and came home to start cleaning the garage, which I only started and then it started to rain. :(  It is raining  now but we were able to enjoy the weather before the precipitation arrived. 

We are headed off to church tonight and then I am doing some beading tonight.  I haven’t been able to bead lately and can’t wait to get back to it tonight.  OH JOY!  I’ll also list the freebie I’m giving away at the end of July to my faithful followers.

Happy Saturday to you!


Where do I start?

I don’t exactly know where to start since my last post.  Really, I don’t.  This past week was such a flurry of events that I find it hard to believe that it all happened.  We visited with family and friends to honor LeRoy (Bob) and had a lovely time.  We all shared a fair amount of tears, laughter, hugs, and not to be left out….FOOD!  It all seems surreal that we even lived through this past week and our new reality is a future without Bob.  I ache inside for my girls and what they will miss by Bob not being with us.  So sad.  I want to share my feelings and thoughts but I guess I’ll keep them to myself since some of you don’t REALLY know me and may not want to know all of this stuff.  I’m sure many of you know the pain of loss, so just know my heart aches and I wish things were different.  Please bear with me as I go through this process which brings up so many feelings and reminds me what I went through just a few weeks short of two years ago.   

On to other things.   Well, I do believe the recession has ended!  If fireworks are an indicator of the economy, I believe things are looking up.  EVERYONE in our neighborhood blew up something last night and found it entertaining enough to repeat tonight!  Now, my husband had a few fireworks that he shot off last night, so we are not innocent but seriously, I really think that people are feeling better about their finances.  Better enough to blow them up!  Crazy stuff I tell you.  Our 4th of July was uneventful as we didn’t make plans and stayed home to play all day.  Dollies, baby strollers, Lego's, coloring, television, and watching fireworks.  What fun! 

I’ll go for now but I plan on having a freebie up this week for my faithful followers ONLY!  If you want to participate, you have to join and become a “follower”.  Doesn’t that sound silly?  A ROBBON follower?  :::giggle:::  If you want to join, find the leetle (yes, I KNOW  it is spelled incorrectly…sheesh) box on the left and join! 

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