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Here is what I found in my window.  What do you think was happening here and do you think this could have a title or name?  How about – Don’t throw me under the bus?  These are small little toys (fairies to be exact) from the Tinker Bell movie.  No toys were harmed in this scene (that I know of).

Piece by piece


“Really?      Puzzles?       NOW?”  I ask.  “Sure, let’s get them out and let Mama make some coffee and I’ll help.”  I stagger towards the kitchen and notice the early hour and that she is totally ready to start her day.  Me?  Not so much at 7:10.  Not THIS ready.  Recently she has become fascinated with puzzles.  Ashley wants to do them all day long.  She is very independent and gets frustrated but sticks with it and I admire her diligence to complete the puzzle.   She is only 2 1/2 and I’m surprised by her determination to complete them by herself.  Her little face gets so serious while she puts it together.  I love these phases.  Soon we will be on another kick but for now, puzzles are IT!


Something new from something old

I’m tired of using shoes as a door stopper so I made this yesterday to put at my back door.  I wanted something that wouldn’t break but could function as a decorative element. 



Ring a ling.a.ling

When the phone rings, I get nervous.  There is that moment when my heart races and I wonder if it is good news or bad news that awaits on the other end.  I find myself dreading answering it at times.  Too many people are facing big issues in life around us and I want some of the outcomes to be different.  Ever been there?


Sale – Kaleidoscope Lampwork Bracelet


Sale price is $48.80.

There are great colors in this bracelet.  Red, lime green, royal blue, turquoise and white.  This is a super fun bracelet with lots of colors and personality!

Sale price good till 7.18.10


Play with your jewelry

Go ahead, play with it.  Have fun taking it apart and putting it back together to fit your mood.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         This is on sale till Sunday.


Sale – Chic Bracelet

Calling all ladies who love to wear the wonderful kelly green color.  I LOVE this color and made this bracelet, earrings, and pendant set.  It doesn’t have lampwork beads but boy is it ever yummy!  Check it out!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Sale – Full of Fun Necklace

Today’s item to be added to the sale is a necklace with lots of colorful lampwork beads.  This necklace can be adjusted to be worn short or long.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This item is being marked down for the sale to


I only have one and this will not be duplicated so grab it while you can.  This sale price is good till 7/18/10.

More items being added to the sale each day!


SALE - Miracles Bracelet and Earrings

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Sale, Sale, Sale!

This week I will be having a sale on the items in my shop. 

I will put a new item up for sale each day for the rest of the week, ending on Sunday.  Don’t miss the sale.

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