Crazy Weather

Our weather has been so unusual. I feel like I am in Florida. We have had rain-showers off and on for nearly a week now and then we have beautiful sunny weather after that. I'm fine with this kind of weather just as long as we are not experiencing the really hot and humid conditions. That is the weather that I can't stand. You know the kind that makes you feel uncomfortable the moment you walk outside? Ugh! More rain and sunshine in the forecast for today so I'll enjoy it while it is here. You enjoy your day, too!



I felt so bad today when I walked out the back door and found a pile of small feathers. I knew exactly what it meant and where the feathers had come from. Ugh! A few weeks ago a little bird decided to make her nest in my ivy topiary on my back deck. By the time I discovered the nest, she already had four eggs in it and I couldn't bear making her leave those eggs so I have anxiously watched out for that nest hoping to keep everything safe. The eggs hatched last week and the babies grew quickly. I was so proud of them that they weren't chirping or being loud because I didn't want them to draw attention. I have no idea how it happened but the nest is now empty and there are feathers around the deck. So very sad! I wish I could have stopped this and feel bad that I couldn't do anything to protect those little lives. I'm a sensitive person so this really upset me. The circle of life doesn't seem fair sometimes.



How in the world do crickets make such a loud noise? I KNOW how they do it, but a wing and a leg should not be able to generate so much noise, especially at night!!! We have one near our bedroom window and that thing is so noisy. It drives me NUTS! They are also impossible to find which makes them exasperating. I tried to show one to Mia this week but it could feel us coming and would get quiet every time we came near. I love God's creations, but sometimes they can be annoying. Does anyone else have the illusive insect near their window? If so, I feel your pain. LOL


A little Pug

My addiction is looking at blogs and websites that inspire me and make me smile. I could sit in front of the computer screen for days upon end, I think. You know how it goes. You sit and look at one website then they have links to other sites and they have links and so on and so on and next thing you know an hour has just flown by. Surely I'm not the only one that does this, am I? I came upon this website and just had to share this cute little pug that I found.

I think it looks like the dog is smiling and I just couldn't resist sharing. I had such fun looking at this site. Very cute if you like dogs. Holly McCaig Art & Design.


A Wonderful Weekend

The weather was hot and humid this weekend but it was still nice to see the sun after the weather we had a few days this week. We had lots of fun playing and swimming in the pool. I use the word "pool" loosely since it is a five-foot round, blow-up swimming pool on our back deck. With two little children that is all we need. That makes me happy because I don't really want to cart myself and the babes off to a real pool, which requires packing too much stuff with kids this age. We had a family gathering today to celebrate birthdays and a nephew who graduated from high school, so all had fun. I'll put a picture up soon of our pool. Ha, ha!!


An Illusion

I received this recently and thought this was unusual. See what you think. You will have to get out of your seat and walk away from your computer about ten to fifteen feet. People may think you're crazy, but the illusion is worth it.

When you look at this picture in a closer look you see it's Albert Einstein. But if you stand back, it will become Marilyn Monroe.

Just something silly for those of you who want to see an illusion.



I love my gardens this time of year. Going outside, picking flowers, and putting them in arrangements all over my home makes me happy. I have this arrangement sitting on my desk and I LOVE IT!! Beautiful pink Peonies. Flowers add that special touch for me and I wish I could pick them year round but that is not the case here in Ohio. grrr. I just had to share these lovely flowers.

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