Can I just tell you that I can’t believe it has been THAT long since I posted!!!  NO WAY! oops.  Sorry.   Time has been flying.  I hear it flapping around my ears this very moment.  Surely you are experiencing it too! 

Well, I guess I should follow up with the post that should have followed many, many weeks ago with pictures of the “Life Is A Circus” Bracelet.  My friend came over and she rummaged through my beads and pulled these out for me to put together for her.  She grinned when she put it on.  How fun it was to watch a customer (and friend) make her own design before my eyes.  Here it is.

Life Is A Circus1


Life Is A Circus2

Ok, so on to news in my family.  Well, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving here and didn’t travel so it made it a relaxing and great time for our family.  The tree still isn’t up but that is coming tomorrow night if all goes as planned.  HA!  Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving?

I’ve been crafting and creating here and there.  I’ll put together a collage now and post it tomorrow.  Deal?  Deal.

Now, on to business news. 


I’m going to do the Open House again this year!  It is a comin’.  Just hang in there for those of you who have been asking.

Do you think we should give it another name?

    Let me hear from ya’ll and let me know if another name would be appropriate because it isn’t like you all are strolling through my home (which I’m thinking of doing next year). 

So pipe up and let me hear from you!!!  Bring out the names.

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