I took Mia school shopping tonight and I have to tell you it was funny.  Well at least it was to ME.  Mind you, she is heading off to kindergarten and the child needs shoes.  My intention was to go find a pair of shoes or two and some clothes if we had the time.  HA!  Mia had a gift card from JC Penny so we went there first to find something for her to spend her money on and we NEVER made it out of the store.   Can I just tell you that the girl spent it on two lip glosses?  Really?  TWO?  LipglossLipgloss

I couldn’t convince her to purchase clothes, shoes, accessories or anything.  Lip gloss.  ugh!  (My mama didn’t rear me that way)  That wasn’t the funny part.  Nu uh.

We went to another department to look at clothes for Mia and all of the sudden I felt overwhelmed.  Glitter, rhinestones, peace signs, crazy colors, lots of lace, etc.  Clothes were everywhere and they all looked like clothes she shouldn’t be wearing at this age..to me.  Apparently I freaked out a teeny, tiny bit because my daughter said, “Just settle down Mama.  We can come back here later.  Just relax.” 
Really?  Did I just hear that? 
You should have seen the hand motions that went with it.  Cracked me up.  Needless to say, I’ll be shopping another night. 
I gave up and left (with two lip glosses).  Her little lips were slathered with that stuff and she was so happy.


Boxwood is da BOMB

Boxwood isn’t just for landscaping (in my opinion).  I LOVE it outside and have it for a border in my front yard landscaping, but I wanted to put my loverly container to use so…I purchased two bunches of plastic boxwood and plucked them all apart and make this arrangement for the house.  It makes me smile!  Isn’t that silly?  I finally found a use for this container.  I purchased it many years (like 12) ago and have used it for this and that but I think this will last a long time with its new use…a home to boxwood sprigs.

It is currently on my kitchen table but I’m sure it will migrate every few months to a new home.


I won’t bore you with the step by step tutorial because you all can see how it is done below.  You’re welcome.  : )



Simply Mesmerizing

Quite a few years ago (let’s not mention how many, ok?), I went to see an exhibition of a few pieces from artist Dale ChihulyI was mesmerized by the glass and how breathtaking it was.  Beautiful colors, amazing shapes, enormous pieces of glass twisted into magnificent works of art.  It is something you have to see in person to really appreciate!  I’m thrilled that I got to see a few pieces of his work and would LOVE to own one of my own some day. I want a basket or a seaform some day.  These pictures were taken many years ago so I had to scan them in but I wanted to share just a few things that I saw that day. 


I was standing in front of this large piece.  Fabulous.  I grinned all day.

015 016

This one hung from a ceiling.  I’m not doing it justice.  It was VERY large and I don’t know if you can tell but it was in various shades of orange.


Now this one was on the floor and all of it was clear glass.  I know it looks strange but I tell you it was wonderful.

Have you ever heard me rave over something like this?  I’m a glass geek.  I can’t help it.

If anyone else has seen some of his work, let me know.  I’d love to hear what YOU thought!!


Call me a sucker but…

when it comes to silly, sappy, “girly” movies, I fall for them and get caught up in them.  I finally got around to seeing When in Rome.  I loved it.  It was cute and made me laugh and I totally fell for it.  Sucker!  I know, I know.  I just can’t help myself.  My poor husband.


Did anyone else think it was a good movie?  Are you a sucker too?

I’ve been working on things around the house.  I’ve spray painted so many things that my husband just laughs at me when I pick something up because he thinks I’m going to spray it.  If it doesn’t move, it has a fair chance of being painted a new color.  I’m nesting again.  I have NO idea why but I just can’t seem to help myself.  Move this, paint that, rearrange here and there, repurpose this and that.  It makes life…unpredictable, right?  That is how crazy I am.  CRAZY I tell ya!  Pretty sad isn’t it if that is all the more crazy I get?  Oh well.  I’m having fun.


2010 - Customer of the Year


Connie – 2010 Customer of the Year

I am honored to say that I have had a wonderful customer these past few years and her name is Connie.  She helped me design some wonderful pieces of jewelry and I’m so thrilled that she chose me to help her with sentimental gifts. 

Connie is a woman that gives generously, loves fully, and enjoys laughter.  She blesses those around her in a way that only Connie can.  She is an avid gardener and flowers thrive near her.

Thank you Connie for blessing my life.

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