A castle in…

WDWCastleYes, we are headed to see this castle in Florida in a few months.  You know the one.  A business trip in Orlando will be near this magical place and so…we are going.  Does anyone have any points, tips, tricks, or hints?  We won’t be staying very long but I want to make the most of this trip for my four and two-year old girls.  Mia is SO in love with princesses and we dress up and pretend ALL of the time.  I am always the prince when we play.  What?  Why don’t I get to be a princess?   Oh, I guess I lost track of my point.  Oops.  Since I’ve never been, I just thought I’d ask in case you have learned a thing or two in your adventures.   Leave me a comment if you have pointers.  Thanks a bunch!!!

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