Growing Up Quickly

Ashley is very interested in doing nearly everything her big sister does, so she crawled up into the chair and started coloring just like a big girl.  I captured the moment while she was coloring with crayons.   She also colored on the table and used her fingers and A LOT of slobber to try to wash it off.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


PoM-PomS for Fun


I forgot to show the pom-poms that we put in Mia’s room.  They turned out well and I ended up doing most of the work.  Surprise !  But it was fun and she likes them in the corner of her room.  We did one BIG one and two little ones.  It is all fancy now!   Ashley has one little white one in her room and she points to it all the time so I would say she is thrilled with hers too!

I’m headed off to work on beads and I plan on doing an earring sale in the next few weeks so stay tuned for that.  The “Earring Extravaganza” is coming!


Happy Hump Day

Yes I realize the day is nearly over but I can still wish you a happy hump day, can't I? Sure I can. Not much going on here that is different from the daily routine. Maybe a little bit more whining and drama from a toddler who is teething but it isn't bad at all! Mia found a new "room" in the house today and thinks it is super cool! What room is it? The CLOSET! Yep, the coat closet. Who knew. I took the sweeper out and a few odds and ends and now it is a fun place to go. She played in there most of the day with a flashlight and all kinds of things that she drug into that closet. Maybe I will try that someday, too! Will anyone miss me? hmmm? Oh the simple joys of finding a new play "room".

Here is a bracelet to add variety to your days when you wear it. Go here to see more.


MckMiracle Needs Prayer

There is a blog that I follow, "My Charming Kids" and I love to check in on her daily. I've been reading for quite some time and was so startled to hear that her little, baby boy is now in the hospital. Please be praying for him, his parents, his siblings and the staff at the hospital that are attending to their needs. I can't imagine what it would be like to have this looming before me. Her faith is amazing. Please join with the many people that are praying for this precious little life.


Enchanting Bracelet

I have a few new lovelies this week and this is the first one. More to come. : ) Go here to see more about this bracelet.


Oh, this is FUN!

I'm really liking this UBP09! (see post below if you don't know what I mean) : ) It is so fun to hear from new visitors and go and visit them and see all of the wonderful posts that people are leaving (thank you) and enjoy other people's blogs. What FUN! If I thought I had a problem before with spending too much time on the internet, boy oh boy, am I going to have to limit my time on the computer THIS WEEK. There are so many inspiring women out there that are taking the time to blog and share their stories. Simply lovely and wonderful I tell ya.

Silly story for me. Yesterday I took the girls to the mall and Mia heard a train bell in the mall. YES, a train bell. Well, it was a miniature train that was part of a Easter bunny display and she HAD to have a ride in it. So...I relented and got into the very little train engine with Mia and then held Ashley on my lap since she was too little to ride by herself. Off the train went around a very little track that took us around, and around, and around. Get my drift? Oh, I nearly lost my pretzel that we had just eaten and couldn't wait for the end of that ride. The "conductor" gave us an EXTRA long ride :::wink, wink::: since no one else was in line and I gotta' tell ya', I wish he hadn't. It was all I could do to keep myself together. I closed my eyes and wished it would end SOON. It did and I crawled out vowing to NEVER do that again! Next time their father can crawl into that thing and listen to the train bell and toss his pretzel. BUT...Mia and Ashley had fun. That is what counts!


The Ultimate Blog Party '09

A party? I found this today and thought I would join in and find some other interesting blogs to read and share this journey with on the internet. A party on the internet? How interesting! So, feel free to join me as I try to party this week. Party on! That was just silly, I know, I know.

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Welcome to those of you who are new to my blog and website and are coming here from the UBP09. I will sum up quickly that I am a wife, a mother of two little girls, work from home part-time and also have my own business. My business is Delightful Designs by Robbon and I create jewelry that incorporates my glass lampwork beads. God has helped me every step of the way on this journey and I consider myself richly blessed beyond measure.

Please leave a comment to let me know you visited. I can't wait to meet new bloggers and I just might have a freebie again at the end of all of this fun!

SPRING is here!

I seem to post on Fridays for some reason. Hmmmm....Oh well. I have been working on custom orders so I don't have many new things in the shop this week to share. Next week I shall. I took a picture of some of my bracelets in a display case at a recent jewelry party. See?

Happy Spring! Isn't it wonderful that Spring is finally here? Love it! It is only going to be 45 degrees today so that isn't very fun, is it? No matter. Spring is here. In honor of this wonderful day, we are going to make paper pom-poms today to hang in the girls' rooms. We always change the things that hang in their rooms to match the seasons, so the snowflakes can come down today. :::phew::: No more snow, hopefully! If they turn out cute, I'll take pictures and put them up to share.
Enjoy your day!


Choose Your Day Bracelet

Ever wanted a bracelet that you could change the charms to match your day? Well, this is a bracelet! This is the first bracelet I have done and I made it in basic colors of red, black, brown, and blue. I can custom design four beads in colors you choose and styles you choose. Go here to see more.

What do you think?

Have you seen the new website? What do you think? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think. I'd love to hear from you gals (or guys) to see if you like it and how I can make it better. I'll be back later with pictures of a new bracelet that I designed with bead charms.


A mouse? Where?

Now this is a pair of mouse earrings that you don't have to set a trap for, do you? They don't leave little droppings that let you know you have an unwanted visitor in the house. Silly, I know but I thought I'd show you a pair of earrings that I did for a customer who loves all things Disney. Enjoy Monica! Let me know if you want a pair for yourself or someone else.

On a separate note, it's FRIDAY! Oh joy! I love Friday and the following few days. Enjoy your weekend!

Fresh and New

I am so pleased to say that I have a new website! My wonderful friend Michelle, from Polka Dot Dandy, created this cute site and was so patient to work on each detail till we (I) got it to the place we (I) wanted. Michelle does great custom work so if you ever have a need for custom website design, consider asking Michelle to help you. She also offers other services so please go and check her out! Tell her I sent you, please. Thanks Michelle for EVERYTHING!

I also designed a few things while Mark and the girls were away over the weekend. I designed a necklace called Stroll in the Stream. It is a lovely necklace! Click here to see it.

Have a good day everyone and I'll put up other pictures within the week of the other things I made. I enjoyed my time with the family away but I was thrilled to have them come home again, too! Now the house is filled again with little voices. Ahhhhh.


Oh, what a feeling!

I heard someone today refer to buying beads and gemstones, as an addiction? ugh! Well, I guess I have another addiction. ha ha I went to a bead show today and don't you know I ended up buying a few strands to drag home in my purse. I didn't go crazy but I wanted to purchase SO much more than I did. Next time....next time. Here are the lovelies that I plan to use in future creations.

So, what have I been doing with my free time here at the house? Well, yesterday I cleaned my basement and wen t through MANY containers of baby clothes to get ready to sell and donate. The time has come to make room for more containers of clothes so I'm purging what I currently have. Today I went to the bead show (obviously) and I have been busy making beads but I'm taking a break for a bit. I am also working with a wonderful designer (I'll tell you all about her soon) on a new website. I can't wait to show you what we have been working on. Yes, it still has pink in it because I simply can't give that color up yet. Maybe someday I'll take to another color but for now, pink is it. Cream is a close second. Yes, cream is a color. : ) Well, I'm off again to make more beads and tomorrow I'll make more jewelry when the beads come out of the kiln. Oh joy!


A helping hand - American Red Cross

I was honored to have a piece of my jewelry included in the American Red Cross Silent Auction last night in Muscatine, Iowa. Muscantine has been hit by tornados and flood waters that past few years and American Red Cross stepped in to help the residents in their time of need. I hope the silent auction was a wonderful success for everyone involved. So...to whomever won, I hope you enjoy your new bracelet and I would love to hear from you!


I plan to enjoy my Saturday to it's fullest. The weather is spectacular here and I have already enjoyed the first part of it. I went to a women's conference this morning with my sister Vicki and then we went out to eat at Uno Chicago Grill. I LOVE the deep dish pizza there and ended up bringing half of it home to enjoy later. I also came home to this sign. M

Mark has gone to visit his parents and took the girls with him so I am home and get to enjoy the to do list that has been growing. I'm tackling the basement today and that will make me a happy camper and then I'm going to torch and make beads and jewelry to my hearts content. I even have a bead show that I am going to go to this weekend. OH JOY! Anyway, enjoy your weekend!!!


Pink Panther

I grew up watching the Pink Panther movies with my father and we would laugh together at how silly Peter Sellers was in these movies. If you would like a little laughter and enjoy a few moments of silly humor, watch this movie clip compilation.


All The Day Holiday

My nephew, Nathan Frisch, is in a band, All The Day Holiday, and they are on a short tour that started February 28th. He is the handsome guy on the far right. Cute kid, eh? Well he is a kid to me since he is younger than me. ha! ha! They won a local competition some time ago and will be releasing their album soon. It is so cool to see this come together for them. Keep an eye (or ear) out for them because they are going to go places. GO NATHAN!


Sick Sisters

What a week we just went through! BOTH girls were sick but I believe they are finally on the mend. Phew. This was not the ordinary cold and fever stuff for them. This virus, or whatever it is/was, packed a punch. I have enough medicine in this house to last the rest of the year! I'm just glad they are starting to feel better and will now be back to their spunky selves.

I snapped this picture the other night while they were on our bed. They both felt so bad and while watching the television, Ashley put her head on Mia's lap and Mia rubbed her head. It was a touching moment considering they don't love on each other much so I was glad I had a camera near to capture it.

Enough about the sick ones. Since things are returning to "normal" I plan on sitting down at the torch this week. I have a few orders to fill and also want to work on a new piece or two to show you. Spring is coming soon and I want to start making things with fun and vibrant colors. Enough of these gray, cloudy skies and drab days. I'm ready for warmer, sunny days, and for little flowers to peek out of the ground. aahhhh. Oh wait, I was talking about jewelry. That's right. I got carried away there. I'll get to some new pieces later this week if all goes well. I have some silver chain here that I purchased a few months ago and I want to make a piece with it so hopefully it will turn out like it looks in my head. HOPEFULLY!

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