Piece by piece


“Really?      Puzzles?       NOW?”  I ask.  “Sure, let’s get them out and let Mama make some coffee and I’ll help.”  I stagger towards the kitchen and notice the early hour and that she is totally ready to start her day.  Me?  Not so much at 7:10.  Not THIS ready.  Recently she has become fascinated with puzzles.  Ashley wants to do them all day long.  She is very independent and gets frustrated but sticks with it and I admire her diligence to complete the puzzle.   She is only 2 1/2 and I’m surprised by her determination to complete them by herself.  Her little face gets so serious while she puts it together.  I love these phases.  Soon we will be on another kick but for now, puzzles are IT!

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Cheryl said...

Love the puzzles. This nemo one is a favorite at the Pfeiffer homestead also.

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