Autumn Breeze

The wedding we recently attended was done in lovely shades of cinnamon and it was beautiful. Aunt Debbie, mother of the bride, wanted a bracelet for the wedding that would coordinate with the colors and yet be a piece that she could wear at other times during this season. I think it was appropriately named (I named it before the wedding) because it was so windy on the wedding day from Hurricane Ike. I guess I should have named it Autumn hurricane winds, not breeze. We had a good time and I'm glad the wedding wasn't postponed due to the weather.


Vacation Adventure

What an adventure it was to go from Ohio to Louisiana with two little children in a van for two days. We finally made it to Louisiana just before Hurricane Ike hit and hunkered down in a hotel with the rest of the family that was meeting there for a wedding and rode it out on the 15th floor. We stayed in Lafayette so we were just on the outskirts of that huge storm and so the most we had was LOTS of wind and rain. The funniest thing was we were driving south while everyone else was driving north. hmmm... After the wedding we drove over to Gulf Shores, Alabama and enjoyed a few days on the beach. The amazing thing about that leg of the journey was that for HUNDREDS of miles we saw tree trimming and electric truck after truck heading towards Texas to help with the clean up. I was incredibly impressed and moved by that site. It made me proud to be an American. I tried to capture a picture of one stretch of the highway to show the trucks but this is all I was able to get. Just picture it though.

I thought I'd show a few pictures of my girls on the beach. Yes, we are incredibly fair so don't laugh. Really, don't laugh!!!
This is a picture of the beach from our condo balcony. Beautiful colors!

This is Mia running back and forth with a watering can watering her "flowers" on the beach. Oh the innocence.

The last picture is of Ashley in her hat at the beach. No, the suit and hat don't match but I had to keep something on her nearly bald head. Simply precious.


Lottie Dottie

Lottie Dottie is a new bracelet that I recently finished. I made the beads a while ago but have hung onto them until now. Isn't it a fun bracelet? So cheery and whimsical. I love polka dots and black so I enjoyed making this piece. I hope you enjoy it, too.


A Personality Quiz

Someone sent me this link and I took the little quiz and found it to be fascinating. It is funny how picking a few pictures can categorize a person so quickly. This website has you look through a series of pictures and you pick the picture that best answers the question. If you are interested, here is the link. Youniverse.

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