Open House…..yeah….well…..

You know how some times “something” has to give?  Well this year the something was my Open House.  I had made pieces and didn’t edit them and put them on the website because I honestly spent my time working on custom pieces for Christmas for my customers.  My custom pieces take priority over Open House as I’m sure you can  understand.  My apologies.  I put three pieces up that I had made and can ship them on 12/20/10 if anyone is interested in purchasing a bracelet for Christmas.  It will arrive on the 22nd or 23rd. 



I have another one I’m still working on editing.  The colors are plum colors. 

We’ve been visiting with family this weekend and have eaten so much food and hopefully burned off the calories consumed by swimming in the swimming pool, but I doubt it.  Oh well.  Enjoy life!  We’ve laughed and had a fabulous time just being together. 

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