People Everywhere

There were people everywhere at the bead show. TONS of people and I finally ended up leaving with the thought that I might go back tomorrow. I picked up just a few items to use in the next few months but I fell in love with a few strands that I just might go back and get tomorrow when there aren't as many people. Take a look at these bright colors!

I'm Off

I am just about to walk out the door and go to a bead show. LOVE THE BEAD SHOWS! This show is a good one and I have to restrain myself from going crazy when I see everything. I have a few things that I HAVE to pick up so hopefully those items are there and maybe, just maybe, I'll pick up a little thing here or there. Yippee! I'll tell you what I find.


Something Fun

I ran across this website that makes this little word cloud out of words that you enter. Wordle Something fun and silly to do. I chose to enter some words that I think describe my adorable husband. Can't help it. I love him and he is a great father to our children. Thanks Mark for being the best!

Wordle: Mark


Level 3 Snow Emergency

Picture taken out my front window of our snow and ice. We now have a level 3 snow emergency which means no one is supposed to be on our roads or highways unless it is an emergency. They will give citations if you are out. It wasn't like I was going anywhere anyway but that is always the way that I know it is BAD outside. Our highways are slowly shutting down with all of this bad weather. This is all started yesterday with snow, then freezing rain and now we have more snow again. We probably have about 10 inches of snow on the ground but the freezing conditions make it impossible. This will be fun to play in when the system finally moves through in a few hours since it is going to stay close to 20 degrees for the next few days. I'm just dreading all of the getting kids ready to play in the snow and then pry it all off of them when they are done 10 minutes later. OH JOY!


You Have My Heart Bracelet

This is a lovely bracelet that is light-weight and perfect for Valentine's Day. It can also be worn during the year also but I thought it was a good time to put it together now. To see more about this bracelet, click on this link.


Hop, skip, and hop some more

OH my goodness, I think I just let a HOUR slip by!!!! No, seriously! Have you ever started on one website or blog, then clicked a link to another one, then another one, then another one??? I didn't intentionally sit down to fritter away this time but it just happened. Don't tell me you haven't done it. You haven't? I don't believe you. Mind you I was visiting wonderful websites and blogs written by some very entertaining women. I found myself on a blog that had a hilarious story. Here is the blog called The Run a Muck and you have to read the January 23 post. I found it very entertaining and found myself laughing out loud. Being a mom is very entertaining and it is important to find the humor in the crazy situations in life. I TRY to keep that in mind when everything is going wrong in my house but don't always succeed. Anyway, I need to stop now and get some things done around the house. Go hop and skip the night away.


Simply Precious

This morning Mia (my oldest who is 3) came into our bedroom and couldn't find Dad. "Where is Dad?" she asked. To which I replied, "I don't know." I was still sleeping and couldn't be responsible for keeping track of him. So she shines her flashlight that she has handy every night and morning and finds him getting ready. I hear her tell him in the most precious voice, "Dad, I woke up early to come and eat 'breakups' (her version of the word breakfast) with you. Can we eat together?" Well of course he had to stay and eat breakfast after that little request but it was the little voice asking in such a sweet little way that made it a moment to remember. Enjoy your "breakups" today.


Home Sweet Home

Isn't this a beautiful home? What a lovely picture with all of the snow. This is my in-law's home. I adore this house and this is such a cozy picture with all of the freshly fallen snow. I enjoy visiting their home when we make the trip and I love the open layout of the entertaining spaces. I know you can't see it but when you are in their home, you can see everyone all in the one area whether you are eating at the table, relaxing on the couch, or preparing things in the kitchen. I love that type of layout. I have a home with rooms divided everywhere so I have to track down the kids when things get too quiet. You know that sound. Silence. Beware. Anyway, hopefully Dad and Mom won't mind me putting this picture up. : )


Kitchen Shears

I would be LOST without my kitchen shears. I love, love, love them and use them everyday for something in the kitchen. Cutting up food is mainly what I use them for since I have a little one who can't chew her food properly yet. I have TWO of them since I use them so much. I love them and would be sad if I had to do without them. I know it sounds silly but if you have a pair, you probably know how wonderful they are. Don't have a pair? Well, go get some and see how it changes your life. Seriously. : )

Here are a few pictures of my youngest daughter, Ashley, the one who needs me to cut up her food.

Silly faces and then playing dress up.


Come Away With Me Bracelet

I have so many wonderful freshwater pearls, semi-precious gemstones, and other beads that I have purchased and I'm going to be using them in bracelets that don't have any lampwork beads in them. Why? Just because. Variety is the spice of life, right?

If you want to see this one, click here to see more.

Note To Self...

Note To Self - DO NOT EVER wear pink again when taking photos of jewelry. EVER! I love wearing pink but I have spent quite a bit of time editing photos tonight trying to remove the pink that reflected on the beads in the pictures that I took a few days ago. UGH! I wasn't thinking about what I was wearing. I was thinking about the light, the angle, and trying to keep my one year old from touching the jewelry while I was taking photos. Next time I can guarantee you that I will pay attention to what I'm wearing because I don't want to do THIS again! One of the photos I'm editing is of a bracelet that I made with pearls which I just couldn't resist purchasing when I saw them. I love these pearls and look forward to making a few designs with the remaining pearls. No, it doesn't have any lampwork beads in it so I am going to have to make a separate category for this bracelet but I don't care. I love it and plan on making more without lampwork beads. Jewelry is addictive you know.


Family Addition

Fooled you didn't I? No, I am not pregnant. phew. I had to break down and get a new printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine (all-in-one) thing. I always feel like I have added a new little member to my house when a bigger electronic device comes into my home. I dust them, take care of them, and make sure they are okay. Silly isn't it? Hopefully this one will last longer than the last one. The other one just stopped working and it gave up the ghost last night. (moment of silence) My husband found my newest piece of office equipment for me. He finds the BEST deals and this time was no exception. I expected to pay $99.99 for my new printer but he came home with it and only paid $63.00 for it! It was originally $179.99!!! Isn't that awesome? He is the BEST! Thanks honey!

I know, I know. This post has nothing to do with anything bead related but I decided that I should blog more and this is the beginning of that journey. Lucky you, right? ha ha Have a great weekend!


Forever Young Bracelet

Here is one of the other bracelets that I was able to create for a customer. I love the colors together. Dark brown, black, and medium blue that reminds me of slate blue. The charms on it were charms that represented something important in the customers life and that made it very personal which I love to do for the customers. It makes their piece an heirloom. There are earrings to match that I will put up soon after I edit the photos.

Click here to learn more about this bracelet.


Happy 2009

I haven't been blogging much, have I?  I think I got a little burned out there at the end of the year trying to get everything done and so now I feel refreshed and ready to tackle this new year.   That is how I feel now, but check back with me in an hour and I might have completely changed my mind.  ha ha.   

I'll be putting up pictures of the bracelets that I did for customers, as Christmas presents but couldn't share before now.  That would have ruined the surprise!  It was fun to work on presents for other people and I couldn't wait to hear from them after they opened their gifts.   I loved it.  Anyway, I'll put those pictures up in the next few posts.  

Oh, here is a bracelet that I designed for someone for Christmas.  Take a look.

Happy 2009!

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