Losing a pet is never easy


We had to put Ellie to sleep because she was ill and it broke my heart.  I bawled for a whole day and looked awful!!  I don’t know that my eyes have ever been that puffy.  I miss her and the very things that drove me BONKERS, make me miss her now.  For example her barking while the kids were sleeping, stealing and eating the children’s toys, the dinner napkin snatching black and white hair all over the furniture and a myriad of things like that.  I will miss the way she greeted us when we came home each time.  We could have been away for 5 minutes and she still greeted us the same way.  Unconditional love will be missed in our home.


Cheryl said...

I'm sorry, Robbon. What sad news.

Cap Creations said...

Oh Robbon that is so sad. I'm sorry to hear that!

I still think about my dog that we had my entire childhood. She died when I was in high school.

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