Taming the Clutter

Of all of the things going on in my home, the clutter control seems to be the most frustrating area to tame.  Paper seems to land in my kitchen and multiply.  Those pieces of paper remind me of weeds.  They only need a simple  glance and those little paper suckers multiply!  Over the years I’ve tried all kinds of ideas.  Bins for my paper, folders to categorize the paper on the countertop, a daily filing system with little slots to hold the paper, etc.  All for nothing!

I’m not one for making resolutions, and never have since I’m a perfectionist and get all flustered if I don’t meet my resolutions, but I’m feeling propelled by the clutter to make a change that will really work for me and my family. 


When I worked outside of the home (before children-lol), I never left home without my Franklin Covey planner, but I gave it away after I had my children thinking I’d never need it again…HA…and now I find myself wanting something to help me organize again.  So, I’m going to tackle a few ideas that I have to help me tame the clutter.  I’ll be sharing my strategies and ideas with you as I go along so you can be part of my torture growth.   Maybe some of you even have fabulous ideas that you want to share with me!  I’m taking baby steps tonight and I’ll update you tomorrow on how it goes!  Fair?

In 2012, this is the year I plan on taming the clutter.  Shhh…..this is just between you and me so let’s not tell everyone.  mkay?


A puppy post

This post has nothing to do with anything.  It is just cute!  Do you want to see something cute?  Little puppies.  Click on this to see the little puppies during the day!


Cheris Puppy Cam

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