Up and running again

Well, that was easy. I loaded the tank in my van, drove to the store, exchanged tanks, drove back home (with stops in between), hooked up my new tank and I'm up and running again. No fuss, no problems! Very easy. :::phew::: I also received my book yesterday that I ordered and let me tell you, I am one happy camper. I received my Passing the Flame book yesterday that is signed by Corina Tettinger and I wanted to read all 224 pages last night but...a girl has to get some beauty rest. This is an awesome book because it shows how to make beads and gives instructions. I LOVE IT!!! Well, I need to start my day now and go grocery shopping, clean, work, carve pumpkins, and make meals in there somewhere.


Two kinds of fuel

Every day should be a Starbucks day! I get SO much done when I have a Mocha Frappuccino in the morning. Sometimes I even stretch my drink out over two days just so I can have TWO really good days. There is something super-duper special about that drink that makes me happy and helps me get so much done. I now need to figure out how to make that drink at home and WITHOUT the calories. I'll put that on my list of things to do. LOL I also have to add getting more Chemtane (fuel that I use to make my beads) to my list, my REAL to do list. I ran out of fuel last night and now need to get my tank refilled as soon as possible. I haven't had to get fuel for over two years so I hope the place I normally go to is still open. I'm going to cross my fingers and hope they are because it was hard to find them in the first place. Have a good day everyone!


Amazing Strength

These past few weeks I have not felt well, as you know by my previous post, and it has made me think about the women in my life who are battling cancer. I feel yucky but what I feel is nothing compared to what they must feel. The treatments to fight cancer can make people feel flu-like symptoms among many other things. It brings to mind my mother and how she must have felt going through her chemotherapy treatments. I would love to spare the women who have to go through the process to get rid of the cancer and I wish I could help them and take away their struggle. My heart aches for them and I have the utmost respect for these women and the fight they are waging. The strength women (and men) have to fight this horrible disease in all its forms is....amazing. My thoughts and prayers are with you Cheryl and Joanne!


Sick of being sick

It has been nearly a month now that I have been sick and I'm sick of being sick! Nothing serious just colds that start in my head and grab my throat like crazy and then end up in my chest. cough...cough... My kids are now used to my weird voice and don't think a thing of me talking funny. I ache all over today and have now for three days and I'm ready to feel better. Has anyone else ever felt that way? I guess it is that time of year when everyone starts to pass around stuff but I think I have had my share for the sick season! I'm done...that is it. Have a good weekend!


Clean the house....why?

How can it be that hours before my company arrives the dog starts acting frantic? Could it be because I am frantically cleaning and picking up in a way that I normally don't do around the house? Possibly. The dog knows that something is going on and so she jumps into our bay window periodically just to see who will ring the doorbell. Between jumping up into the window and following me around, I have a frantic dog on my hands this morning. She knows guests are coming today. I also have a one year old daughter trailing around behind the vacuum trying to sit on it so this is becoming an adventure to even get a little bit of cleaning done. Meanwhile the three year old is pulling toys out on the newly vacuumed carpet so I should just forget about a tidy house for the quests. Don't you think I should just stop? Me too.


Little Pumpkins

Last year when we had a few pumpkins we took the seeds out and grew our own this year. I can't believe it but it worked. As you can see we had quite a few of them and we have had fun watching them this summer and now we get to use them for the next few weeks. This is my attempt to enjoy this season since you know this is not my favorite time of the year. Silly me, I know but I'm trying.


68 years

Today would have been my mom's 68th birthday. It is still so weird that she is not here and it is sad that she is gone. Does it get easier? The grief lingers on. Yes, it has only been a little over a year but it still seems hard to grasp and believe. I don't think the weather helps my mood today. It is raining here and the leaves are falling. Despite my best efforts, I do not enjoy this time of year. I love Spring and Summer and so I get sad when my flowers fade and the leaves rustle on the sidewalks and streets. I will continue to try to enjoy this season but it just signifies that Winter is coming and I will not be able to garden and enjoy the outdoors. I sound like a sad, old thing today, don't I? It is just a weird day for me. Enjoy YOUR day. LOL


In Stitches

I am pleased to announce that some of my bracelets are available at In Stitches in Waynesville, North Carolina. Michelle, the owner, has been a fabulous help to me and we have put together a few bracelets that complement some fabrics that are popular right now. Michelle uses the fabrics to design custom purses. Please check out her store and tell her I sent you.

This is just one of the bracelets that is available at In Stitches.

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