Tugging at my heart strings

Does anyone want a stray cat that lives in Cincinnati?  It is a long story but there is this adorable cat that I know NOTHING about that has come to our home and likes to come in and out and needs a home.  Here is a picture of her.


She is very loving and loves to be petted.  As you can see she doesn’t have a tail so I believe that makes her a Manx.  If you are interested, let me know as soon as possible.


Happy 2011

Another year is here and is full of potential!  I’m not one for resolutions so I can’t really share any big things I guess.  I’d like to drink less soda, lose a bit of weight and find more time in each day but those aren’t resolutions, are they? 

I did mention the winds of change are blowing and that includes my website.  I’m going to be changing the look of things in the next few weeks and I’m excited about that.  So stay tuned for those changes.

I’m excited about this weekend.  My oldest niece is getting married and our family will be celebrating their wonderful new beginning.  I’ll show you after the wedding what I ordered for their wedding gift.  I don’t want to ruin their gift. 

I just felt like checking in to share a few things here and there and that I’ll be changing things and adding new products in the next few days. 

Happy New Year!


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