Sick Sisters

What a week we just went through! BOTH girls were sick but I believe they are finally on the mend. Phew. This was not the ordinary cold and fever stuff for them. This virus, or whatever it is/was, packed a punch. I have enough medicine in this house to last the rest of the year! I'm just glad they are starting to feel better and will now be back to their spunky selves.

I snapped this picture the other night while they were on our bed. They both felt so bad and while watching the television, Ashley put her head on Mia's lap and Mia rubbed her head. It was a touching moment considering they don't love on each other much so I was glad I had a camera near to capture it.

Enough about the sick ones. Since things are returning to "normal" I plan on sitting down at the torch this week. I have a few orders to fill and also want to work on a new piece or two to show you. Spring is coming soon and I want to start making things with fun and vibrant colors. Enough of these gray, cloudy skies and drab days. I'm ready for warmer, sunny days, and for little flowers to peek out of the ground. aahhhh. Oh wait, I was talking about jewelry. That's right. I got carried away there. I'll get to some new pieces later this week if all goes well. I have some silver chain here that I purchased a few months ago and I want to make a piece with it so hopefully it will turn out like it looks in my head. HOPEFULLY!

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