Happy Hump Day

Yes I realize the day is nearly over but I can still wish you a happy hump day, can't I? Sure I can. Not much going on here that is different from the daily routine. Maybe a little bit more whining and drama from a toddler who is teething but it isn't bad at all! Mia found a new "room" in the house today and thinks it is super cool! What room is it? The CLOSET! Yep, the coat closet. Who knew. I took the sweeper out and a few odds and ends and now it is a fun place to go. She played in there most of the day with a flashlight and all kinds of things that she drug into that closet. Maybe I will try that someday, too! Will anyone miss me? hmmm? Oh the simple joys of finding a new play "room".

Here is a bracelet to add variety to your days when you wear it. Go here to see more.


Nadine said...

Lovely bracelet. I came by from the blog party. Nice to meet you. Hope you can stop by.

Michelle @ In Stitches said...

You know I love it ;)

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