A mouse? Where?

Now this is a pair of mouse earrings that you don't have to set a trap for, do you? They don't leave little droppings that let you know you have an unwanted visitor in the house. Silly, I know but I thought I'd show you a pair of earrings that I did for a customer who loves all things Disney. Enjoy Monica! Let me know if you want a pair for yourself or someone else.

On a separate note, it's FRIDAY! Oh joy! I love Friday and the following few days. Enjoy your weekend!


domestic bliss said...

So cute! I wish I had these cuties for a Disney trip this weekend! Lovely creations you have!
Thanks for following our blog.

Anonymous said...

Robbon, these are so cute. You are so talented and I love seeing all of your new creations.

Jodi :)

Cheryl said...
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