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I am so pleased to say that I have a new website! My wonderful friend Michelle, from Polka Dot Dandy, created this cute site and was so patient to work on each detail till we (I) got it to the place we (I) wanted. Michelle does great custom work so if you ever have a need for custom website design, consider asking Michelle to help you. She also offers other services so please go and check her out! Tell her I sent you, please. Thanks Michelle for EVERYTHING!

I also designed a few things while Mark and the girls were away over the weekend. I designed a necklace called Stroll in the Stream. It is a lovely necklace! Click here to see it.

Have a good day everyone and I'll put up other pictures within the week of the other things I made. I enjoyed my time with the family away but I was thrilled to have them come home again, too! Now the house is filled again with little voices. Ahhhhh.

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