Is it a girl or a boy?

This little feller is nearly the only thing around the house that is a male, except for my husband,  and the fish (but my daughter gave it a girl name), so he is welcome to stay.  Yesterday we found this red eyed thing on our front porch, during a rain storm, right before he took a dive and slid under the front porch.  I believe it is a male if Wikipedia is to be trusted. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I have an Eastern Box Turtle living under my porch!  I think it is fun (obviously) and am surprised it is sticking around even though we keep taking a peek at him.  He hides behind the Boxwood bush near the porch and rummages around all day, but apparently he wants to stay.  Let’s name him…um…Terrance.  Terrance the turtle.  Yes, that will do!

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