Flowers for ME

Spring is my favorite time of year because I get to start tinkering in my flower boxes and gardens again.  Today is the PERFECT day to start all of that so I went and purchased a few things today.  I went to the clearance area of the store and found two planters on sale for $12.50 EACH.  I couldn’t have purchased the flowers to put in them for that price and I love the container as well.  That made my day!  The picture is just a few plants that I am going to put in my window boxes under my front windows.  The planter pictures didn’t turn out well so I’m not going to show those to you.


Running off to the Dr. again this week because I think Mia has strep throat.  Lovely.  I’m taking brownies with me since we see them so much and I talk to the nurses MORE than I should (they know me by name).  This has been a horrible few months for my children and I’m hoping they start feeling better soon!  We are all ready for that!  Have a great weekend and enjoy tackling all of those projects I bet you have been putting off till now.  I’m hoping to tackle one or two and make some beads as well.  Busy, busy, busy! 

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