Note To Self...

Note To Self - DO NOT EVER wear pink again when taking photos of jewelry. EVER! I love wearing pink but I have spent quite a bit of time editing photos tonight trying to remove the pink that reflected on the beads in the pictures that I took a few days ago. UGH! I wasn't thinking about what I was wearing. I was thinking about the light, the angle, and trying to keep my one year old from touching the jewelry while I was taking photos. Next time I can guarantee you that I will pay attention to what I'm wearing because I don't want to do THIS again! One of the photos I'm editing is of a bracelet that I made with pearls which I just couldn't resist purchasing when I saw them. I love these pearls and look forward to making a few designs with the remaining pearls. No, it doesn't have any lampwork beads in it so I am going to have to make a separate category for this bracelet but I don't care. I love it and plan on making more without lampwork beads. Jewelry is addictive you know.

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