Hop, skip, and hop some more

OH my goodness, I think I just let a HOUR slip by!!!! No, seriously! Have you ever started on one website or blog, then clicked a link to another one, then another one, then another one??? I didn't intentionally sit down to fritter away this time but it just happened. Don't tell me you haven't done it. You haven't? I don't believe you. Mind you I was visiting wonderful websites and blogs written by some very entertaining women. I found myself on a blog that had a hilarious story. Here is the blog called The Run a Muck and you have to read the January 23 post. I found it very entertaining and found myself laughing out loud. Being a mom is very entertaining and it is important to find the humor in the crazy situations in life. I TRY to keep that in mind when everything is going wrong in my house but don't always succeed. Anyway, I need to stop now and get some things done around the house. Go hop and skip the night away.

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