Family Addition

Fooled you didn't I? No, I am not pregnant. phew. I had to break down and get a new printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine (all-in-one) thing. I always feel like I have added a new little member to my house when a bigger electronic device comes into my home. I dust them, take care of them, and make sure they are okay. Silly isn't it? Hopefully this one will last longer than the last one. The other one just stopped working and it gave up the ghost last night. (moment of silence) My husband found my newest piece of office equipment for me. He finds the BEST deals and this time was no exception. I expected to pay $99.99 for my new printer but he came home with it and only paid $63.00 for it! It was originally $179.99!!! Isn't that awesome? He is the BEST! Thanks honey!

I know, I know. This post has nothing to do with anything bead related but I decided that I should blog more and this is the beginning of that journey. Lucky you, right? ha ha Have a great weekend!

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