Level 3 Snow Emergency

Picture taken out my front window of our snow and ice. We now have a level 3 snow emergency which means no one is supposed to be on our roads or highways unless it is an emergency. They will give citations if you are out. It wasn't like I was going anywhere anyway but that is always the way that I know it is BAD outside. Our highways are slowly shutting down with all of this bad weather. This is all started yesterday with snow, then freezing rain and now we have more snow again. We probably have about 10 inches of snow on the ground but the freezing conditions make it impossible. This will be fun to play in when the system finally moves through in a few hours since it is going to stay close to 20 degrees for the next few days. I'm just dreading all of the getting kids ready to play in the snow and then pry it all off of them when they are done 10 minutes later. OH JOY!

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