The other direction

My pinkie toe seems to be going in another direction than all of my other toes on my left foot.  Bummer!  This is what ran through my head following the unusual bump into my family room chair. 

  • I don’t think my toe is supposed to be going THAT direction.
  • I wish I had taken my shower earlier today.
  • My toe nails are not painted and I still have chips of paint on them from my hasty nail polish removal yesterday!
  • Am I going to have to drive myself at this hour?
  • Can my husband just yank my toe back into place?

No, he didn’t yank and yes, I drove myself to an urgent care center.  Someone had to stay home with our sleeping girls. : ) I have the x-rays to prove that it IS broken (duh) and that I have to wait until Monday to have anyone really look at it.  Great!  NOTHING is on television after 2:00 a.m.  Seriously.  Nothing worth while at least. 

That does it for me for now so I’ll check back in when things are going in a better direction.  ha ha

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