The end of my flowers


This is the final arrangement that I will pick this year and I will miss my flowers because they make such a difference in my home when I see them and smell them.  ahhhh   The leaves are starting to change colors and fall to the ground.  Each year I try to find the beauty in this season but I struggle when I see my flowers and plants wither away.  I know it is silly but I’m always a bit sad to watch it all fade.  Okay, enough of “Debbie Downer”.   Pumpkins, fall colors, bon-fires, sweaters, and cool, crisp air are quickly coming  so I’ll jump into it with both feet and enjoy it.  (cough, cough)  I did perk up my front door wreath today with silk leaves and colorful berries so I am at least trying. I’ll get into the swing of it soon.

How do you all deal with the change of the season?  Do you love it or tolerate it?  Let me hear your thoughts.


Favors With Love said...

I love your flowers! I wish I could come walk in your garden.

I am sooo excited that fall is here! Mostly because I hate our over 100 degree days here! And fall = cooler weather! Yeah! This is the first week actually in my part of CA with daytime temps below 80.

I also love all the fall colors!

Thank you for sharing your flowers!

Deborah said...

I love the fall the best..I have to say I miss my flowers also, but I do love the fall. I love the leaves,the way it smells,clean and crisp.I love the first snow fall. When summer does come around and this year, we didn't seem to have much of a summer, I love my flowers.I have a huge flower garden with all types of flowers. I love my lilacs the best, then lillies, and then my iris plants! I keep saying that next year,I will work harder at my gardening,then before you know it, it's fall!

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