This post has nothing to do with jewelry so feel free to just keep right on going to see other sites.  I just have this in my heart and wanted to get it out.  I have been blessed with such wonderful friends.  You know, sometimes it is hard to meet kindred spirits or other women who share similar stages and goals in life.  I have found quite a few over the years and am blessed to be their friend.  Mind you, I’m the oldest of most of them.  How did THAT happen?  UGH!  The point is though that I’m SO thankful for the lovely ladies in my life and value them so VERY, VERY much.  I love you dearly each and every one. 

Some of my friends have been through very tough life experiences and I’m so thankful that they have found peace and joy in the midst of such chaos.  God is faithful and provides exactly what we need, when we need it.  I’ve seen that time and time again in the lives of my friends.  Now if only I could remember that when I am standing at the bottom of a hill and don’t want to climb it. 

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