I have been “clomping” (that is the word I made up for the sound of me walking with this shoe) around for a few days now with this lovely shoe.  ARGH, MATEY!  I sound and look like a peg-leg pirate Clompwalking through the house.  Swaying one way and then the other trying to walk in this shoe that won’t let me move my foot.  Three weeks of this?  Holy, moley!  I’ve taped my toes together and that will hopefully help my toe heal properly and I REALLY look forward to walking in a regular shoe again.  Ahhhhh.  Y’all feel free to run out and get yourselves one of these fashionable shoes.  They are ALL the rage!

On to other items.  The girls went to a party this morning and have started their sugar feast.  This is NOT a good picture but you get the idea.  They wouldn’t sit still and wouldn’t smile so this is all you get for now.  I will be in the presence of Cinderella and Snow White this year.

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