Binge Blogger

Would that be an appropriate title?  I seem to binge blog.  I have a whole bunch of days or even weeks where I make the time to blog and then a really bad dry spell hits. Eek!  Sorry my devoted followers.  I’m boring as of late!  Sick children, working part-time, and taking care of the home and business after hours seems to have kept me busy.  For some reason I’m especially tired these past few weeks.  Whah, whah.  I hear you. : )

I dream of a day when I am able to take a WHOLE DAY and work on my designs floating around in my head.  AH!  For now I’m working on custom orders (which I LOVE) and will start working again on the upcoming Christmas open house.  Yippee!


Right now I have beads on the mandrels and they are waiting to be made into designs so I’ll do that tonight after the breathing treatments are over and the tissues have been put away for the night.  

How are you all doing?  Enjoying the changing of the weather and the colors?  I’m trying.  Really trying to enjoy it!  So many of you do enjoy this time of year that I must be missing something.  

Oh, I forgot to ask, does anyone like the pets on the blog?  I think they are silly and something fun.  Don’t forget to help me feed them. 

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