Where do I start?

I don’t exactly know where to start since my last post.  Really, I don’t.  This past week was such a flurry of events that I find it hard to believe that it all happened.  We visited with family and friends to honor LeRoy (Bob) and had a lovely time.  We all shared a fair amount of tears, laughter, hugs, and not to be left out….FOOD!  It all seems surreal that we even lived through this past week and our new reality is a future without Bob.  I ache inside for my girls and what they will miss by Bob not being with us.  So sad.  I want to share my feelings and thoughts but I guess I’ll keep them to myself since some of you don’t REALLY know me and may not want to know all of this stuff.  I’m sure many of you know the pain of loss, so just know my heart aches and I wish things were different.  Please bear with me as I go through this process which brings up so many feelings and reminds me what I went through just a few weeks short of two years ago.   

On to other things.   Well, I do believe the recession has ended!  If fireworks are an indicator of the economy, I believe things are looking up.  EVERYONE in our neighborhood blew up something last night and found it entertaining enough to repeat tonight!  Now, my husband had a few fireworks that he shot off last night, so we are not innocent but seriously, I really think that people are feeling better about their finances.  Better enough to blow them up!  Crazy stuff I tell you.  Our 4th of July was uneventful as we didn’t make plans and stayed home to play all day.  Dollies, baby strollers, Lego's, coloring, television, and watching fireworks.  What fun! 

I’ll go for now but I plan on having a freebie up this week for my faithful followers ONLY!  If you want to participate, you have to join and become a “follower”.  Doesn’t that sound silly?  A ROBBON follower?  :::giggle:::  If you want to join, find the leetle (yes, I KNOW  it is spelled incorrectly…sheesh) box on the left and join! 

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Favors With Love said...

Robbon I am truly sorry for your family's great loss. My heart sank when I read your story above of hurt and sadness. Just know that I am thinking of you.

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