Farm Fun at a Park

Recently we went to a local park that has a “farm” with animals and it was a day of firsts for the girls. 

This was the first time they:

  1. Saw chickens running around free on the farm near a playground.
  2. Saw llamas, sheep, ponies, bunnies, and goats.
  3. Petted goats.
  4. Took a short, very short, ride on a pony.
  5. Went on a wagon ride pulled by a tractor.

They loved it and I saw so many people there that day that I knew and I was truly surprised to see each one of them.  How crazy that so many of my friends decided to go the same day.  Weird.  It was fun to visit and chat with friends and yet learn a little about animals and have a good time.   We will be going again soon I bet! 

I haven’t been very good this week about blogging, but don’t let that fool you.  I think about the blog all the time.  I write little things in my head (but obviously don’t put them here), and take pictures so that I can share them with you, but in the daily shuffle of priorities those things seem to get lost or not make it to the computer.  I still write them in my head though.  How many other people out there think in blog posts?

I have a necklace set that I’m going to share with you next week that is so fun.  It was a custom design and I had fun doing them for a mother and daughter.  More details to come.

Oh, I’ll post the winner of the “Followers Freebie” on Saturday morning. 


Connie said...

First times are always the best..Mia is so darling on that Pony.

Betsy said...

I blog in my head too! One thing I love about blogger is the ability to pre date your posts, that way if you think of great ones, then you can post a bunch at once and predate them so they will post daily for however long you have them :) Just a tip, if you want it! :)

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