He will be DEEPLY missed

LeRoy, my father-in-law, passed away this morning.  He had been fighting cancer and was undergoing treatment for stem-cell transplant at a clinic in Ohio.  Unexpectedly, he passed away early this morning and we are all left in shock.  How does it happen that a loved one passes so quickly and they are gone?  No warning.  I mean I know HOW it happens, but it hurts so much.  No more hugs, pats on the shoulder, kind words, and precious moments watching him with his grandchildren.  He showed me the heart of God in a wonderful way that only he could and I will miss him deeply.  I am honored to have known him and to have had my children call him their grandpa.  He loved his grandchildren and their world will now be different without him.  Very sad. 



This will be a very hard week for my husband and his family and I wish I could lighten their burden.  This has brought back memories and feelings of what I went through almost two years ago and I don’t care for any of it.  Honestly.

You know I tell you every now and then to love and hug on your family?  I know it is easy to say but this is why.  In a moment, things change forever and all we are left with is memories.  WONDERFUL memories. 

I’m sorry that this is such a sad post but my heart is breaking and I want to share about this loss and take time to honor him in some little way. 

We loved you Leroy (Bob/Dad/Grandpa) VERY, VERY much.  You will be deeply missed!

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Favors With Love said...

Oh Robbon I am so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

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