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The giveaway ended and we have a winner!  Yippee!  Isn't it fun to win?  I mean, who doesn't love getting special things for free?  I for one hardly ever win ANYTHING but today, I received a phone call AND....guess what?  I won a whole bunch of beauty products from a raffle that I entered yesterday.  I jumped around and giggled like crazy because I am usually not on the receiving end, BUT...TODAY....I WON!  I hauled the girls with me to the salon to pick up my goodies and had fun with them.  Among many wonderful things, I got a hair straitening iron and immediately pulled it out and used it on me AND Mia.  Mia looks cute with straight hair.  No pictures of any of it.   Just information here.  You get tired of pictures, don't you?

I've been making lots of beads lately and I would have been most embarrassed to have anyone see me yesterday while I was sitting at my desk in front of the torch.  I listen to music on my iPod and I was all over the place.  One minute I was singing away, the next I was raising my hands in praise, the next minute I was crying.  Boy, Oh, Boy!  What a crazy mess I was but it was therapeutic and I felt refreshed after I turned off my torch and walked away.  Phew!  I'm just glad no one saw me (I think).

Okay, I'm off to clean and put a few pieces together but I just wanted to stop in and say "Hello" to all of the new followers.  Welcome!

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Anonymous said...

You won?! How cool is that? And yes, I would LOVE to see pics -- my favorite blogs are the ones with pictures. And I want to see Mia AND YOU with straight hair.

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