What would you do?

I had a lovely dinner out with one of my dearest friends.  I realized on my way home that we have been friends for…wait….18 YEARS!  That isn’t much to some people but for me, that seems like a VERY long time.  Surely I am not that old, am I?  37 isn’t THAT old, right?  Right!  That is settled.  Anyway, we had a good time catching up with each other about our lives, our kids, our thoughts, our feelings, and we ate to our hearts content.  Yum!  Thanks “L” for being my best friend all these years.  Ha, Ha!

I was on my way home and was very near my street, when I stopped at a stop sign and there was a woman standing there acting as if she were going to cross the street.  She approached my vehicle and I rolled down the window.  She asked me if I was going up the street and would I take her with me.  I must admit that I wasn’t going as far as she wanted to go, so I was able to tell her that I was on my way home and going in a different direction.  As I pulled away, I felt weird.  I’m sure she needed help but I didn’t feel like I could help her.  Why?  You never know about people anymore!  Isn’t that sad?  I wanted to help her SO BADLY but was afraid of what her intentions were.  Maybe I have heard too many stories on the news or have watched too much television but I was leery of helping her.  We are supposed to help others in need but yet my fear kept me from reaching out.   I felt bad.  What would you do?


Betsy said...

I would probably have done the same thing, but especially with you being alone, it isn't safe to pick anyone up!

Debbie Higginbotham said...

I cannot imagine picking up a stranger and yes it is sad. I would offer to call someone for them... i would not let them use my phone. I would make the call ...and you also don't roll the window down all the way... boy i sound paranoid
love auntie deb

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