Three in Pink

For some reason I tend to dress me and my daughters in similar colors about once a week.  It is totally by accident and it is not planned because I pick our clothes from what is clean.   Today,  I was walking through a parking lot with both girls near me and realized that we were all in pink.  Bright pink!  Eek!  I seriously didn’t plan it.  It happens all of the time.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Could it be that certain days have a color feel to them or that I just happen to be in a color mood that day?  Who knows, but it happens frequently.

It was hard getting a picture of all of us but here we are in….PINK!  Fuchsia.  Whatever.   Yes, I look tired but, oh well.  :)


Betsy said...

Yeah, I do that too! lol

Carrie White said...

Well, you know that's never happened to me (all of us dressed in PINK). :-)

Carrie White said...

FYI: Connie and I were talking about you this weekend. We both LOVE, LOVE the "Healing Waters" necklaces. Mom was upset that she hadn't seen it yet and didn't know what we were talking about. I told her she needed to keep up-to-date on the blogs. :-)

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