Five Years Younger

If I use my muscles in my forehead to hold up my eyebrows, I look five years younger!  Really!  I don’t know when it happened but my eyelids have started to make me look tired and older.  I know it is age.  Come on now, I’m not that silly but still, I don’t care for this.  So, I’m just going to look perpetually surprised now and help me look younger.  I could use any tricks out there right now.  LOL


This piece is already sold but I thought I would share a recent custom design that had shades of lime green, bright yellow, light yellow, and black.  The customer wanted more crystals than lampwork beads so I only included a few.  It is a cheery piece and we also put a Mom charm on it to make it personal.   It makes me smile and I thought it was just “Too Fun.”

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