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Howdy!  I want to put up some pictures on my website of you lovely ladies in your “Robbon” jewelry.  A customer of mine said that she owns  more than one “Robbon” and she now considers herself to be a “Robbonite.”  I thought that was SO funny (maybe it was the way she said it that made it entertaining to me) and that gave me an idea!  Let’s see the pictures of YOU in your designs.  Would you care to do that?  I won’t plaster the pictures all over my website.  I think one simple page of pictures would be fun.   OH, please do send them to me, I’d love it!  Point, click and send them to me.

So I heard back from some of you about picking up a stranger.  Most of you agreed that it would not have been prudent to pick anyone up and try to help them.  I just kept thinking that what if that would have been me walking in the blazing heat.  Would anyone have stopped to help me?  Yes, I have a cell phone, and yes, I probably would have gone about it differently but it still made me think. 

I’ll be back later this week with a few new bracelets and earrings so check back in with me.  Till then, enjoy your week!

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