We were gone for the weekend to see Grandma and had a wonderful time!  We rode bikes (even I got on one which reminded me how LONG it has been since I've been on a bike), rode scooters, played in the basement, cooked smores over a little fire, visited with family, cleaned, and enjoyed the wonderful weather.  The weather was wonderful, visiting with family was refreshing, and we enjoyed it immensely.   We just really missed Grandpa.

I missed my computer but it was nice to have a break from my screen.  I was checking in on my favorite blogs today since my absense and found this wonderful bit of news.  A new website is being launched on August 10th.  (in)courage.  Some of my favorite blog writters are going to be part of this and I can't wait to join in and read!  CAN'T WAIT!  So often it is easy to get lost in the shuffle of life and forget that there are other wonderful christian women out there in the same spot in life.   It is encouraging to read stories of the REAL life of other women and know that we don't have to be perfect to serve our family, community, and the Lord.  phew.   I fall short so many times but am so grateful for God's unconditional love and grace.  Aren't you?  

I'm back to the daily grind!  Yippee!  It is a cozy, rainy day today and I'm enjoying the break and the rumbles of thunder.  Working on this and that but I'll post pictures later of the necklaces I mentioned last week IF my pictures turned out well.  I haven't looked at them yet but hopefully some of them turned out since the necklaces have shipped already.  

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