My version of a Capiz Light

My master bedroom had one of these ….


in the middle of my ceiling and it drove me nuts!  I stared at it waaaay to much ruing the day that I decided to drag that thing home and put it up.  I kept thinking I could do something with that light (barf and no offense if you have one), but I just couldn’t handle it anymore!

I saw this light on the west elm website and had seen a few ideas floating around on the internet so…

I did it! 


I made my own light fixture, cover, hangy-down-thingy, and now I’m happy. 


I used the frame of an old lampshade, wrapped some additional wire around the middle so that I could hang more strands of um….wax paper {cough, cough} from and went to work. 

I melted layers and layers and layers of wax paper together, used a hole punch to cut out the circles, and then sewed for a few hours, off and on, till I felt the strands were spaced evenly and then I attached it to the previous light base. 

Ahhhhhhhh……now this is much better!.  You have to see it (well you really won’t be able to, now will you?), but it is be.a.utiful and now I smile when I look up from my bed, or randomly pass by my bedroom, or just pop in to peak at it.  giggle

What do you think?

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