True or False

1). Ashley is now potty trained.  (False)  She just had fun sitting on the potty and acting like she was going to go.  I think I’ll wait till we are in the grip of a good snow storm before tackling that again.

2).  We have a new lovely floor.  (True)  No more mop and no more waxing the floors.  OH JOY!  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I don’t want to show you the whole kitchen until I have been able to paint the cabinets and make it look all purty-like so I’ll keep you in suspense until then.  I know, I’m cruel like that.  : )  I can’t believe my husband was able to do it all by himself, but he did!  I tried to help (that was a joke) but I’m not the best at these types of things. It looks BEAUTIFUL and I’m thrilled with it.  You can’t really tell how great it looks but hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be able to show you the whole shebang.  Like that word?

3).  We are all sick with a cold virus.  (False)  Only the little girls are sick and tissues abound in every room.  The dog is loving tracking down stray tissues and eating them.  I’m serious!  I find it to be very frustrating to watch her run off very quickly after she has found a stray that I missed.  UGH!  Oh well. 

4).  I am already putting things together for the Christmas Open House.  (True)  I can’t help myself.  I love Christmas and am designing lovelies for a special online event for the evening of December the 6th.  Many of you had wonderful things to say about it last year so I’m going to do it again.

5).  My fourteenth wedding anniversary is tomorrow.  (True)  I can’t quite believe it has been that many years but yet it seems like I’ve known him all of my life.  Well I have almost.  We dated when I was 15, broke up, and then started dating again when I was 19 and got married at the young age of 23.    I love my husband dearly but I’ll tell you more tomorrow.  I have to save something to blog about then.  : ) 


Deborah said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a great day and year ahead! The floor came out great! I called the floor guy today to give us an estimate in our guestroom! I blog about animals, so I really can't be showing the before and after pictures, but I probably could show how a dog can wreck a rug! LOL
Before I forget, I can't wait until I see the Christmas items on December 6th. I think I will put that in my appointment calendar!

Anonymous said...

Floors look georgeous! Way to go Mark. Bob would be proud.

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