I cannot express how EXCITED I am that my old kitchen floor is finally going to disappear under a new layer of flooring!  I can’t take it any more and we are tackling the floor this weekend.  We have waited too long, in my opinion,KitchenFloor and I am thrilled that we are going to have a new floor in a few days.  After the floor is done, I’ll have to paint the cabinets next but I’ll start with baby steps first and be happy with a new floor that doesn’t have weird funk on it.  OH JOY! 

Change is in the air and Mia started preschool this week and loves it very much.  She can only remember one boys name and so we keep hearing about him.  Hmmmm?   She loves it and Ashley cries when we drop her off and proceeds to tell me, “Miss Mia” for the next few minutes until I distract her with candy or something fun.  Sorry, but candy works. : )  We are all enjoying the new schedule and changes in our home.  

Have a good weekend and if all works out well, (let’s all cross our fingers), I’ll show you the new floor in a few days.  :::giggle:::

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Deborah said...

She is so cute, my little girl is starting college on Wednesday.. They grow up so fast! I have to put in new floors also..My carpets are so gross. I really have to think about that! Please show us your floor when it is done!

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