Lovely, Little Words

When Ashley speaks, I can’t help but enjoy her words because they are so precious and will soon be regular words soon enough.  Don’t worry about the spelling please because these aren’t correct words anyway.  : )  Here is a short list of words I hear throughout the day:

  • “Top” = Stop said rather insistently
  • “Noey” = No
  • “Lookie” = Look
  • “Bookie” = Book
  • “Nackie” = Snack (are you picking up the pattern here?)
  • “Cleam Up” = Clean up and is sung beautifully to the song. : )
  • “Okay Mama” = That one melts my heart
  • “Self” – because she is FEIRCLY independent!

She reads all of the time and I find her with piles of books or magazines around her quite frequently. 

AshleyReadingI hope you enjoyed your weekend.  I enjoyed mine and LOVED the weather.  I found it to be refreshing and revitalizing.  I couldn’t get enough of it this weekend and wish every weekend was like this.  I guess I would get tired of it though and want the change of the seasons.  

I torched (made beads for my custom orders) until I unexpectedly ran out of fuel, so I’ll have to lug my big tank out of the studio and get a new tank.  It isn’t too heavy now but when I bring home my full one, it is a heavy sucker.  That is a very professional term, isn’t it?  Sucker.  Ha ha.

Ballet starts tomorrow so it will be fun to add more variety to life and the schedule.  Not for me silly ladies, Mia.  I couldn’t lift my foot above my hip if I had to.  Well, I might be able to but I don’t want to try. 

Chat later!

Custom orders should stay on schedule in case you were wondering.  I’ll let you know if I fall behind if I can’t get my new tank.

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Deborah said...

She is very precious.. I love her blonde hair! The weather in New England was lovely today also!

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